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anyone else heard about baby cereal and diabetes?

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My kids are both big time genetically predisposed toward type 2.

I have read that infant cereals basically digest as though you are adding sugar to whatever milk they are consuming and that this has been linked to eventually developing diabetes? (not that you WILL, but it ups the risk?)

their doc had never heard that--has anyone else? personally it makes sense to me, it's nothing but a 'white' carb and those seem to be just as bad as sugar from what my mom (but I'm adopted so they don't inherit from her at least!) and husband tell me. (both are type 2 diabetics, my mom just found out a couple months ago--DH has been for a couple years now.)

my doc cautioned me that they can't live on just protein--I realize this, that's why God created things like bananas and sweet potatoes, I thought?
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I do vaguely recall reading a study that linked starting cereal before 4 months? it sounds so familiar....
I haven't heard that, but I'm not terribly surprised. Refined white grain, whether it's rice or wheat or anything else has virtually zero nutritional value, and is not necessary for any healthy diet. But like you, I would point out that meat and grain are not the only foods on the planet... there are hundreds of fruits and vegetables and legumes and nuts and dairy products to choose from.

The assumption that the removal of grain from a diet means that the person would be living solely on protein just makes me
: (it's not an uncommon assumption, I get it all the time, it just baffles me).
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I did a little research on this, there has been a link but it's been associated more with type 1 diabetes.
From everything I've read, and I've read a lot since my son is type 1-it can occur if you start cereal before 3 months, yet there are studies that if you don't give any before 7 months it can happen too. My son had a taste at 6 months, hated it and we never tried again. There are so many different studies as to what causes type 1, yet it's not fully known since if they knew what causes it-there would be a cure
He had an illness trigger his disease

My family is also genetically predisposed to type 2 (yay genetics
)-so just do the usual stuff of good healthy diet (which I assume if you are a MDC member is a given) and exercise, but even then it can happen. There's an increasing amount of type 2 children, but they usually are obese-which is an "epidimic" in the states.
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