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anyone else knitting mittens in this heat?

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My dh thinks I am a bit crazy (and he is probably right
: ) but I am working on a hat/mittens set right now. I have some gorgeous handpainted blue and green yarn with blue rovings - the mittens are lined with the rovings and the hat will have just a little of the roving. It is fun to knit something up so quickly! I decided to start now so that they will be ready come winter, instead of waiting until I need them to actually get started.

The mitten I just finished seems a little short, and I have small hands. Should I just try and stretch them or should I risk undoing the end and trying to extend the length another centimeter or two?
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I'm not knittin mittens yet but I will be soon..Right now I'm knitting felted slippers and I'm getting ready to do hats and wool socks soon..Great warm weather knitting!! I'm going to give mittens a go soon too!!
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I'm going to start some fingerless mittens--for ME--for knitting at the park, etc, in cooler weather, probably today if I have time. I made dd2 some adorable leg warmers and plan to start some for dd1 once I put in an order to Knit Picks. I'm fairly new to knitting and made the legwarmers to learn dpn, and I LOVE using them. I plan on at least one more pair of legwarmers for each dd. I made ds a winter hat and scarf. I've also been working on a simple, 2 rectange poncho for dd2, and plan to make myself a poncho. I'd also like to do sweaters, mitten, and more hats for all 3 kids and some winter stuff for dh---ooo, and I NEED to learn to knit socks, and felted slippers for everyone....

I haven't done any knitting for warmer weather. The winter stuff is just so fun to make, although I can't imagine it ever being cold enough again to wear any of it--but I know it will.
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I love little projects like that in this weather. My Sophie Bag and Hoodie are on hold til it cools down. Have socks on the needles and contemplating mittens or gauntlets as an alternative project.
Me! Me! Me! I'm knitting Carol Rhoades' "two-end mittens" from _Homespun Handknit_, using some of my lovely handspun light moorit Shetland 2-ply. They're turning out nice, I think! I'll post pix on my blog when I have a little bit more done (only the cuff and the beginning of the thumb gusset right now).

As for knitting cold-weather items in this heat - if we don't start knitting our Christmas gifts now, we won't have them done in time for December!
I just finished a hat for my dad that I need to get fleece to line it with (he's really sensitive to wool) another hat for my friend and will soon start the LTK felted mocs... then 2 scarves and some mittens... never to hot to knit for the winter... with the rate that I knit, if I wait until it's cold out, it'll be too warm to wear them
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