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Anyone else like used dipes????

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Don't get me wrong, I like the new ones too
There's just something about a used dipe though. Sure, sometimes they're a little pilly or whatever, but getting a used one in the mail always makes me think about how much some other mama & kiddo loved it. Maybe it sounds strange, but I feel lucky to be able to keep putting them to good use. They don't have to go into storage & often some other mama is getting the $$$ to buy some bigger dipes she can
instead. Plus by buying used I can afford lots of different ones I could *NEVER* buy new so my stash is getting pretty comfy.
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I think that way about some of the used dipes I have bought. I just got a couple of boxes from a friend of mine, and I DEFINITELY feel that way about hers!
My favorite part is thy are ready to wear. No 3-5 times pre-washing. I agree with you too on the love-point. DH on the other hand thinks it's gross.
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i love them! i dont get them often, as i make most of my diapers for both babes. but for example,

i have 3 little hemp fitteds waiting for kassi that were used on my friend's newborn. it means so much to me to get to use them on kassi, and i hope to pass them along to another friend when kassi grows out of them. so precious!

I like that they're broken in, and very cost efficient! If I wasn't buying 75% used dipes, my stash would not be very much fun.
I love the bargain/barter factor, it adds to the fun for me!
Yup I've been really bummed out about sizing (my dd is really hard to fit) quite a few times when I've bought an unknown diaper or cover new.

So oftern you have to pay tons for priority shipping direct from the WAHM and it's a real bummer to pay $15 ppd for a diaper that doesn't fit and then have to pay another $2-3 to send it back or resel it. It ends up costing something like $6.00 just to try a diaper.
So far I've only received two used ones that I like and both were LHC.

We buy almost all of our diapers used, from the Trading Post, cause we don't have a lot of $$$ but we like pretty diapers.

I like used diapers. They are soft and squishy and broken in. We buy all dd's pajamas used for the same reason. They are so much nicer when broken in.
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Well of course I LOVE getting new diapers but some of our best stuff is second hand. Like stuff that is hard or impossible to get. I love getting lucky and getting like new or EC used dipes though!
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I must be a weirdo because I am not even sure that I would my current diapers on a new baby if I had another one.

Edited to add that I am the QUEEN of 2nd hand stuff. At least 75% of toys and 75% of clothes are 2nd hand, sometimes even 3rd. I bought almost all used maternity clothing.
But to me, diapers are like underwear, and it doesn't seem right. I even use fleece liners. I know it's no big deal, but I don't know if I could...
as long as they are not full of poo I have no problem with em.
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I do. It doesn't bother me unless they're stained.
To me, babies are clean and pure, and so is their poop and pee, no matter how stinky. I just don't think of a used diaper as gross (as long as it's been washed!).

In fact, one of my very, very favorite diapers in my stash for Ian is used off the TP.
I love used dipes for a lot of the reasons already mentioned. I could only afford a few new dipes. I like them a lot but I was able to get a few more of the same exact dipe used on the TP and they were so soft and broken in when I got them that I prefer the used ones. I'm a big believer in reduce/reuse/recycle so I feel really good about used dipes.

I had a mom trying to give away some dipes FFS on the TP. I took her up on of the dipes which I could tell she had an attachment to from her description. The diaper has been well loved and it isn't the snazziest diaper but she was right it is a great dipe, its cute and it is being put to good use. She got the satisfaction of knowing that her dipe is being put to good use. Good feelings all around.
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