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Anyone else making fancy Fathers Day dinner?

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What will your menu look like?

I'm totally stumped.

I especially want to hear from all of you lovely vegetarians! (Not to exclude meat eaters!! I want to hear what you are having too, i just don't think that i can make a sub for seared veal cutlets
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I'd like to make something nice for DP, because he did a wonderful dinner for me for Mother's Day. But I've no idea what to make! All of his favorite, special treat-type meals are either things I don't eat (not that that really matters, but...) or can't cook very well (lobster, steak, lamb chops). It will probably end up being either some kind of fancy seafood, like seared tuna, or maybe an elaborate pasta dish. And definitely something chocolate for dessert -- I have a recipe for a chocolate-hazelnut cake that I might try.

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I know that he likes chocolate fondue, So I think that I will try that for dessert.

The only thing that i've come up with dinner-wise is mabye paella?
What goes with paella though?!

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BTW, where did you find the recipe for that cake VikingKvinna, it sounds divine!
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