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Yes this is weird! Dh had a dream that he had a daughter named Sara. But dh doesn't spell, or even think about such things...and now my mom is saying we should name her Seraphim...I don't know what to say or do. Sara (or Seraphim!) is not a name I would have picked on my own, but I don't believe in arguing with dreams either. And in either case I don't have a middle name picked out. Of course, dd and ds both got their middle names when I was in labor! I think I have a middle name picked if this is a boy. Dh says that his name (we're sure we'll have another boy, even if it's not this one) is Will(iam) and I picked Nathaniel for the middle name, I think. I have a list of about 8 back-ups...Anyway, dd is sure we are having another dd and I am so conflicted on the Sara/Sera/Seraphim no middle name thing...

I never knew there was a St Seraphim? Any more details? We already have a Margaret and a Peter so another saint name would be pretty cool, even though we aren't catholic. Is Seraphim too far out there to go with Margaret (Meg), Peter, and Will(iam)?

Aaah! The agony of picking names!

Mommy to Meg 5/00, Peter 6/02, #3 due 8/04
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