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Anyone else NOT do well-baby visits?

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In my opinion one of the great things about homebirth is not having to bring my babies to the hospital or doctor's office. My babies have never been to see a dr. and we don't pla on taking them either. Even though first ds was very healthy as a baby, the twins have been SO much healthier. I personally think it is because they have not been vax'd or taken to the dr's office full of germs. I wasn't really sure where to post this so it might get moved.
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Yeah, there are others
dd hasn't seen a dr. yet. Come over to the vaccination forum.

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I've been cutting down the well baby visit ALOT lately. I just don't think they need to go in so often when I'm not getting them vaccinated.
Is that where the no-doctor mamas hang out, in the Vax forum? I WOULD take my kids to the hospital in an emergency, though. That is what hospitals are for-emergencies, imo.
I have cut way back as well. I like to go in the beginning to be sure that babe is gaining weight, but I will probably just go to the LCs office I become concerned.
We didn't do well baby visits after second dd was born, a hb. We took her in for a one week check just to let the doc know she was there but I am considering not doing it this time around. I wish i could skip that one the most but i think it's better to have her "on record" in case there are any issues. But after that, she didn't see the doc until she was over a year and it was only when her older sis went in for a physical for school. I just scheduled them both to kinda check the box kwim?

I think it's good to take them in at first, but if it's in the middle of cold and flu season, i would consider the risk vs benefit. wait until summer or something. AFter that, i think they are unnecessary unless you are vaxing, which we aren't.
I really dont see the need for well baby checkups if you have had a hb
All my doc did was the same things my midwife did
My doc wanted me to come back a week later and I asked myself WHY???????????

If something goes wrong I;ll take ds2 to the Hospital
I took DS to his first two visits. He was a small babe in comparison to his sister at birth and I wanted to make sure he was getting adequate weight gain. Now he is 8 mo and 18 lbs. I'd say he's just fine.
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I took ds to the first couple of visits. I'm happy I did just to make sure he was gaining and the dr answered some questions I wasn't sure about...mucus in the eye, etc.. After I decided not to have ds vaxed I stopped going. He was obviously doing well, not sick, gaining wait, and developing normally. I felt I didn't need a dr to tell me what I could already see, especially if that meant waiting in a room with a bunch of sick kids.
Yes! My two hb babies didn't do/haven't done routine check-ups.
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I did everything by "the book" with ds1. ds2 had well baby visits up to 6 months and we stopped going. ds3 has only been twice. I had him at home, but had to transport and he was in the NICU for 6 days and then for the one week follow up that was total BS and if i had known it was really not a follow up I would not have gone.
I started doing wbv because I love our family practice doc (she delivered Andrew when we transported to the hossy, knew ahead of time I was planning a hb and gave me the thumbs up) but she's on maternity leave now. Because of that and because we're not vaxing and our insurance doesn't cover wbv's, we quit. It isn't worth $200 for them to weigh and measure him when I can do that at home.
we dont do them. DD has never seen a doc. 3.5 year old son has been a couple of times but not just because.....
no well baby visits for us.. i have had to take her to a doctor about aother issue but its resolved now so unless there is a very good reason i dont plan on it
i think its unnecessary personally.
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We don't/didn't do them. I was really pressured into taking him in at one week old b/c he was hb'd and bf'd and then I think I took him once or twice after that. It was all just too much pressure for me - the dr, the nurses, the insurance, the waiting room full of germs.

I guess I stopped taking him after I took him in one time with a really high fever and bad cold (the ONLY time I've taken him when he was sick) and they put me to wait in the Well Visit room. After that, I was just like, well, it's not really a well baby room and I was PO'd that they'd pressured me to take my perfectly healthy born at home, not exposed to any nasties yet baby in and put me in that room and lied to me that it wasn't for sick kids., it was too much for me. DS is fine - if he has a bone sticking out of his skin, then I'll take him in, actually, I'd prolly go to the hospital :LOL. Otherwise, I have enough common sense to take care of whatever he might get.
No well baby check-ups here either. DS is very healthy and 13 months old. He hasn't been back to the ped's since he was 2 weeks old. He has had a couple of small colds but nothing that warranted a visit to the doctor. To me WBV are a joke, if your not vax'ing there really is no reason to go. IMO Ped's see sooooo many well babies or babies with minor colds and illnesses all day long, most overlook health problems or mis-diagnose so it's not worth it to me.
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at dd's last wbv (at 2 months), i asked my ped (who i looooove) when to schedule for the next one...and he actually just shrugged his shoulders and said "whenever". being the diligent mama that i am, i pressed him for more specifics and he said that since we're not vaxing and she's doing wonderfully, that it's not really that important for dd to come in unless something was up. he said that i should just come back whenever i felt like it to check in some time before/around her 1st birthday. what a great guy...he's obviously not in it for the $$.

THAT'S why I drive 50 miles to see him, when I've got a huge mainstream ped practice within walking distance from my house.
Yep, we never went & never will!

I think they set them in place to brainwash and fill people w/fear so they will vax and stop breastfeeding....I hear countless stories from mama's here and my friends who tell me the propaganda they are fed by these supposed doc's, it's a joke!!!

My friend who went w/her 7 mo. old had her MD say "I've NEVER heard of any links of vac's and Austim"....I say, OK then where has your head been??? I'd say up his

Sorry if I came off to strong, but this irks me about the supposed MD"S!!!
Well I'm gonna photocopy every article I have and mail it to him so he can be updated on the info!!
Then he won't be able to use that excuse again!!

Thank goodness it's not for us!!!
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