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No. You are insane. :)

No, seriously, I WON'T pay as much for clothes as I do for diapers. But I do always try to get good brands when they go on sale. We lived near the Hanna Andersson outlet when the first two kids were young and they looked like Hanna catalog models for most of their early years (and for $5 per piece). Now we're further away but I still find that I'm very unhappy with how the cheap clothes hold up (and shrink). I do a lot of Marshalls/TJ Maxx shopping and troll the Lands End overstocks constantly. Now if only there were a Marshalls for Fluffymail and Righteous Baby, THEN I'd be in heaven!

Also, I feel a certain cosmic satisfaction when I happen to get print diapers that have a recognizeable print, like an Osh Kosh or Flapdoodles or whatever--it's like it combines the two drives for lovely clothes and lovely diapers. Now I just need to find Hanna fabric in their wonderful and indestructable interlock--that would be the best fitted outer layer EVER.
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