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Well I like Rhys to look nice but I don't require him to wear brand names. Many of his clothes are from Wal-mart quite frankly because they wear like iron (most of the brands...there are a few that I avoid) and they are cheap. The one thing I will spend more $$ on are overalls because finding them in the bigger sizes is getting more difficult (what is up with that by the way!) and I love the way overalls and shortalls look on him

DH loves to buy him Old Navy stuff but I indulge that because I can usually get it really cheap which satisfies me and DH at the same time LOL! Rhys wore lots and lots of brand names when he was an infant because I bought them at Value Village, the Salvation Army and a local thrift shop. As he got older the nice not ratty clothes became slim pickings so he started to wear more Wal-mart stuff.

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