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Anyone else not settled on a name?

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I'm 37 weeks today, and it still feels strange to give this baby a name besides "baby." Does anyone else still feel like this? Did anyone else wait, or plan to wait to meet baby before giving he or she a name? I'm worried I may give baby a name I will regret in my post-baby bliss/exhaustion.
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we're not quite settled...

we have a first name for a girl - willow - but are undecided on a middle name - current candidates are grace, hope, cooper or catherine

for a boy, we have a short list, but are having a hard time deciding...we have sam, james, alexander, and thomas on the boy first name list...we have a boy middle name - cooper (my maiden name) - picked out

i'm sortof hoping it's a girl since deciding on a middle name is less stressful for me than deciding on a first name

i'm hoping that when baby comes, it will all become clear what the name should be!

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Yep. Absolutely zero name choices. Ugh.
I have my name that I like, Dominic, but dh isn't totally on board. We we able to agree on dd's name so easily that I am very frustrated. I don't want to give our son a name that dd is lukewarm about. We are having THE TALK tomorrow...
Ugh is right. We're at a total impasse here, and I'm 37 weeks today, too!

I reallyreally want to name this baby Odessa. I feel that I must name her Odessa. That name just completely speaks to me, and since it's linked to the word "odyssey" it is PERFECT, because what is a woman's life if not an odyssey?

DH doesn't like it one bit.

So we've been carefully not talking about it. Thing is, we can not talk about it till she gets here, but THEN what?
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We have a name for a girl, but not for a boy. It is making me feel kinda panicky.
We are nowhere in the names either. And we know it's a girl and we only need one name.

I can't decide myself and together we are nowhere near agreeing...

I think we'll just bring a list to the birth and hope she whispers one to us once she gets here...
We have our first name but no middle name yet! Guess we'd better get cracking.
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We're 'due' today and we haven't settled on a name either. We're 50% set on the first nam, or a variant of a name. The funny thing is so many people told us NOT to tell other people the name because we'd get opinions we wouldn't necessarily want to hear. So we decided to keep it a secret. Little did we know that we'd be keeping it a secret from ourselves too!
Last time we had a list -ds surprised us by coming 10 days early- and we made the decision about a day after his arrival. I have a feeling this time will be the same. Short list has Kieran, Owen, Kai, Kian, and -since today, but I still have to tell dh- Roan. At least we only have to fret about a boy's name this time since we know
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I am possibly settled. I have been going back and forth for months now. It's so annoying! With DD I KNEW her name would be Iris if she was a girl, so that was easy. This time it's been really hard for me. I want her to have a name before she's born, so I might just have to decide on something and stick with it regardless
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We haven't decided either!!! We have a short-very short-list of names we like, but no 'standouts'. Here are some that we like:

Spencer (this is my favorite, not DH's)

...the middle name will be Richard for my grandfather and father. I even went so far as to ask our waitress at lunch what her dad's name was, and she said, "Jack", which, is our 1st son's name. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I just don't know....
Any ideas are welcome!
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i am "overdue" and we still don't have any final names. maybe the babe is waiting for a name to come???
We've narrowed it down to a couple of names, Vanessa or Megan, but we won't decide until the baby comes. We want to meet her before she gets a name.
Haven't even discussed middle names at all, though.
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We have a couple girl names and a couple boy names, but we haven't settled either. It's pretty frustrating for me since DD's name was decided on early on and DH and I both loved her name. This time, he's wishy washy on the names I like and I am wishy washy on the names he likes
: I really hope we can agree on a name we both like when the baby is born.

I think part of the problem is not knowing if its a boy or girl. We knew with DD, so it made it easier to choose.
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I couldn't possibly settle on a name until meeting our babe-o face to face. Even the concept of such a thing is difficult for me to grasp! We have short-ish lists of names that we're both pretty fond of, although there are clear favorites. I'm hoping that the perfect name will be just be obvious once we three are there staring at one another.

The fact that we don't know if it's a boy or a girl and that we're not sharing any name options has been rough on family/friends, but if we can wait, they surely can!
Nope... we have a short-list for each gender, but will be waiting to meet baby first. It's funny, that feels just fine to DH & me. Neither of us have any issues w/ not having it set. We didn't plan it this way, it's just how it happened
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i'm 39 weeks no names. i hate picking names. I kinda wished they came named like cabbage patch dolls
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I am 39 weeks 4 days and have no definate name. I want to wait to meet her but I also can't stop stressing about it! Just last night I added about 10 more names to the list I have going! I have NO idea, I am so afraid of picking the wrong name and sticking her with a name that doesn't FIT her whole life!!!
Don't know if I am best to go with a name I love the meaning of, a name I love the sound of or a name that fits nationality wise...which is most important? Obviously some combo of the three but which is top of the list cause that would cut out some names right there.
Yup, we're having a name fiasco, too.

Originally, we decided that I would name girls and he would name boys, with the understanding that we would not name them after ourselves or eachother. And I came up with my list, which he found acceptable.

Then he found THE name for our little girl, and I don't mind it very much, and I think it's so cute the way he calls her by that name that I just kinda let it in.

And now we can't agree on a middle name, at all, ever. We're trying to pick a middle name that begins with a certain letter, but there's just nothing that strikes us, so I spend about 30% of each day trying to think of something better and feeling like i'm lost in a foreign country and can't find directions. Ugh. Poor tadpole! This naming stuff is tough!
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