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Anyone else tired of being pregnant? (vent)

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I'm still exhausted from yesterdays Dr appt for dd, left at 11am, got there about 1 (traffic was light) but then found it didn't matter because they screwed up and scheduled ME for an appt as a new patient when the darn thing was for dd who's been going for a couple years and it took a while to straighten out. We finally got out of there around 5pm and I think I walked the whole dang time around the hospital and got to deal with LA rush hour traffic going home, its insane when your stuck at the corner of Wilshire and Westwood for 15 min because they shut down Santa Monica and are diverting all traffic down the one street you need which also happens to be the only onramp to the 405 freeway and oh yeah, why was traffic so dang slow? Because a flipping traffic cop wouldn't get the *blank* out of the way so people could turn the corner even though it was a green light and safe to do so thanks to city busses blocking the intersection. We finally got home around 8pm and I was drained. Of course dd took a 2 hour nap or so on the way home and was ready to party till midnight when we finally got to bed. I got to sleep till like 11am but today I am exhausted, my eyes feel like sand paper and I just want to sleep. I have no energy and I am feeling like I am so ready for the pregnancy to be OVER and I've got at least 6 weeks to go minimum, I feel like calling up the OB and saying schedule me for a repeat c/s on May 24 which is the day I hit 37 weeks just so I know there's an end in sight and I won't be stuck pregnant for another 11 weeks if I'm cursed enough to go to 42 weeks. I won't of course but today I just want a decent meal which I'm to exhausted to cook and some sleep! dd is bouncing off the walls and has been since she got up so even laying down and resting is not an option for fear she will do something dangerous in this kind of mood. oh yeah, I feel like I'm getting sick so my body hurts, I have a headache, sandpaper for eyes, short of breath and just plain exhausted and I don't know what this kid is doing in me but I wish she'd stop because it hurts! ugh, tomorrow I get to go see the peri which is going to be great fun, I missed my last appt 2 weeks ago and never got the labs he wanted done because he insists they only be done at the hospital there and considering the fact that its an hour drive each way, then I spend 2-3 hours just waiting to be seen (did I mention the fact it takes half an hour to find a dang parking spot and its never near the clinic) then another hour with him with half the time residents running around looking for your labs wasting time because you didn't get them done yet but they don't tell you that's what there looking for. So by now its noon and your appt was at 8am and your just getting the hell out of there and now they want you to go to the lab where you will spend another 1-2 hours and your babysitter (grandma) is getting crabby as heck calling and wanting to know when your going to be home because a Dr appt should not be taking this long so you have to skip the lab because she threatens not to watch your child next time (which would mean a really hellish visit) and you still have an hour drive home and desperately need to eat because you haven't eaten since 6am and your blood sugar is getting dangerously low and your ready to rip someone's head off so you eat and go home and by then its like 3pm and your entire day has been shot by a single Dr appt!
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hope you get a chance to rest up soon! I know the feeling like its never gonna be over...this kid is still transverse and taking up wayy to much room...I get tired easily, my hands are constantly in pain, feel miserable half the time etc etc. Just take it one day at a time.....see if yopu can get a sitter for the day and take it easy...get dh to take you out for a nice meal etc. Hang in there...its almost over! Just know your limitations and try and not surpass them...ive made the mistake and paid. your in good company...we can all realate!
I'm in a "been there, done that" frame of mind...I want to be able to change my son on the floor without saying "Oof," and have enough room to snuggle with him on the couch. I want to *use* all the nursing tanks I'm buying! I can't wait to walk briskly around the neighborhood with both my boys in the stroller. I'm lucky in that I'm not especially uncomfortable, I'm just over the pregnancy thing. I am looking forward to giving birth, though. I wouldn't want to skip that part.
I'm sooo done too.
My 1st pg people kept making comments about how I must be so ready to get the baby out and all that. I NEVER felt that way with DD, not even after 50 pounds and over 41 weeks. Well, I'm 31 weeks with this baby I wanted him OUT about 2 months ago! I'm miserable. This baby is taking up all the space from my cervix to my breastbone. He's VERY active. I'm hormonal and angry and exhausted. I keep trying to think "only 9 weeks or so left, better enjoy this last bit of time with this baby, we will never be this close again!" But most of the time I just want him out... and then I have anxiety about having him out. I'm not sure I can be a mother to 2 kids! I'm terrified, and I'm HUGE. I totally sympathize!
I can't believe you get so much trouble with the doc. That's just horrible, not a very good way for them to do business. I'm shocked they haven't had anyone attacked by any pregnant women yet. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that, even just the traffic. I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin most of the time, I think I would seriously just have to scream if I got stuck in traffic. I drive only under dire cicumstances, and never at rush hour. I realize that's quite a luxury though. I'm just so sorry. At least we're almost done.
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Well ladies there's a light at the end of my tunnel!
I've been feeling crappy the last couple weeks and have a history of severe pre-e and HELLP syndrome and I've been brushing off symptoms until last night when I started getting pain under my right rib and hauled my butt into L&D to get checked out. We found out why I've been feeling so badly, its a good news, bad news type of thing, good news is NO SIGNS OF PRE-E/HELLP on labs and they tested for everything under the sun it seems. Bad news is my magnesium and potassium were low (as in we want it treated before you leave here) and I'm severely anemic which is why I've been so dang tired! Its good to know this is treatable and I'll be feeling some what better by tomorrow and in a week or 2 for the tiredness
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I'm pretty sick of being prego too. I'm starting to get really uncomfortable, especially trying to go to sleep. But a girl I know just had her placenta detach from her uterus at 30 weeks and had to have an emergency c-section. Her little girl was born 3.3 pounds and has to stay in intensive care for a month. So I feel a lot more thankful to be uncomfortable after hearing that, you know? My baby is safe and sound where she is right now.
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