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Anyone else waiting to miscarry naturally?

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On Nov. 6th I had an ultrasound and the baby measured 6 weeks 1 day and they couldn't find a heartbeat. (I was supposed to be almost 8 weeks) Went back the following Monday and the baby was still measuring 6w1d and still no evidence of a heartbeat. I had HCG levels done and they are dropping so I know there is no hope for this pg. I have had 5 previous miscarriages and have never had a D & C and want to have this one happen naturally as well but it seems to be taking forever! I've just started having a little spotting and hope it will happen over the next 3 days. I would hate for it to really start when we are travelling for Thanksgiving. Anyone else just waiting?
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I'm not waiting anymore. I miscarried in August. From the time I found out (same scenario as you) until miscarrying was 3 weeks. It happened pretty suddenly and mostly without warning. And I was very lucky that we were just getting back home from being at our farm, or it would have been a total disaster.

If you haven't miscarried by the time you travel for Thanksgiving, try to go prepared. Take thick overnight pads and use them when you are in the car or someplace that you couldn't get to a bathroom right away. I'm so sorry for your losses. Take care of yourself and get the healing you need.

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I takes me a long time to m/c naturally....but OH SO WORTH IT in comparison to a d&c....just my opinion. (as I have had a d&c as well)

I am sorry for you loss mama!!!!
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We found out that our baby's heartbeat had stopped at 9 weeks (only measured 6.5 weeks). It took 2 weeks for me to start miscarrying.
I was waiting to m/c. My spotting started at on 11/8 and on 11/15 I passed the sac and the placenta (blighted ovum). I'm glad I did it that way. The spotting is very, very light today and I think everything may be over by Wed. as I was hoping. The wait was tough, but I'm so, so glad I chose this route. I hope things work out for you too.
I miscarried naturally a couple of months ago. Take care of yourself.
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Thank you all for your support. I actually started bleeding a little right after I posted and things have increased over the past 24 hours. We will probably not be travelling for Thanksgiving after all. At least I don't have to wait any longer.
Jennay, how did it turn out? I am waiting. It has only been a week since finding out, but it looks like the baby stopped developing some weeks before that. The dr wants to do a D&C 2 wks from today. I hope I can miscarry naturally before that.
jessitron, thanks for asking.

After bleeding off and on for most of Monday and Tuesday, the miscarriage really started Tuesday night. Even though I have had other early miscarriages this one was the furthest along and I was a little surprised by the amount of blood, cramps almost like contractions, and the size of the clots. In previous miscarriages I never saw what I thought was the sac or placenta. This time I did and I saved it in a container in the fridge and buried everything in the backyard. I'm down to occassional spotting now. I was about 10 weeks from LMP and according to the ultrasound the baby stopped growing at 6w1d. So, it was about 4 weeks before my body miscarried naturally.

I hope you don't have to wait long...I know how emotional and frustrating it can be.
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Eeesh. My baby measured 9w, and I'm now 15w from LMP. I think I found out at the most convenient possible time, late enough to minimize the waiting and early enough to know that I can drink wine at Thanksgiving!
Hopefully it does happen soon, because after possibly 8w of sitting in there, a d&c sounds reasonable. Not fun, not desirable, but like a reasonable precaution.
I'm sure there will be a big difference between 6w1d and measuring 9 weeks in the amount of "stuff" you will have to deal with if you miscarry naturally. Have you read the sticky at the top of the forum called "Exactly What to expect with a miscarriage"? If you haven't, please do. I wish I had read it before hand. (I didn't notice it until the worst was over.) Will you have someone to take care of your dd on short notice?? Luckily my Dh was home and he was taking care of my sons.
Jennay, thanks for your concern!
I am reading through that thread. It's kinda scary, but you're right, good to know beforehand. A friend just had a miscarriage, with a baby measuring 9w just like mine, and as she told me about it she said, "Nobody believes me about how much blood I lost." But I did, and wasn't surprised, because of that thread. Did you post your story there?
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