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Anyone else with herniated discs before??

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And what did you have to do for them?

I have had back and leg pain since June. Done chiropractor stuff and PT and nothing helped. I've been taking tylenol or advil everyday for months now, which I hate. I take it only in the morning when the pain is the worst so I'm not completely screwing up my body. I had an MRI done this last Saturday, and I in fact have 2 herniated discs in my low back. My chiro has dropped the ball and now I'm running into walls with getting into a spine specialist.

The pain has steadily gotten worse over time, and not much relieves it. I lay on my stomach when it's really bad and that helps a little, and the meds only make it tolerable. I am ready to absolutely lose my mind with this pain!!

When I finally get in to see someone, I'm telling them to cut it off!!! I can't take it anymore! Neither can my poor family.

What things did you do for it? Surgery? Cortizone injections?? Injections bug me out, but I'm also still nursing, so I doubt that's an option. What other things can be done?? Since it seems I won't be seeing a doctor anytime soon, maybe you all can tell me what might happen!! I honestly have NO idea!!!!!
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Look around for a new chiropractor. mine has experience with athletic injuries, and did more than manipulation. he applied heat packs, did traction, and hooked me up to some machine that sent shocks into my muscles, which caused them to spasm and then naturally relax. All in all, I probably spent 6 weeks three times a week at the beginning and then on and off for a year. i herniated a disc in my upper back/neck area. it was incredibly painful. He also performed this special deep tissue massage, which really helped. i was told to ice the area at home and lie on the floor with a towel under my neck. I was told to pull my chin in to stretch out the back of my neck, whenever I thought of it during the day.

i still ahve back pain, but i can't afford to see anyone about it right now. fortunately the disc is no longer herniated, but the muscles around it really took a beating and are taking a long time to heal. i try to stretch every day to help things along, but I wouldn't suggest that for you right now.

Find someone else, this can be relieved.
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Herniated disks will heal but they take TIME! You have to be very careful not to strain or stress the injury in any way.
Chiropractic can help, but may not help everyone.
Acupuncture is another wonderful treatment. Energy healing, such as healing hands or reiki may be very helpful.
Magnet therapy could do wonders. Shiatsu and massage would be great as well.
Surgery is NOT a good idea. It will leave you w/ permanent scars near your spine... they must cut nerves, which can leave you in more pain for life than if you took the steps to help the disks heal.
There are some important supplements you should be taking: Glucosamine/Chondroitin, MSM, Tumeric caps (for inflammation), and high doses of Omega 3-6-9 oils (find a good mix of 3-6-9).
Some exercise techniques that would be helpful is hatha yoga or any other gentle yoga and Tai Chih. Swimming could be good as well.
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I have degenerative disc disease in 4 discs. I know all about the pain you have. Hopefully it will get easier for you to deal with. I've had this disease since I was 25. I'm 35 now. I've had chronic pain since the age of 15 (shoulder and tailbone).

The pain in my back got really, really bad about a year ago. I have done hours and hours of chiropractic work and I can now say, for the past week or 2 weeks, that there are days that I forget I have a problem. This after months and months of constant pain.

My first advice is to get off the drugs.

My second is to find a really good chiropractor.

My third is to be patient. There were many days when I thought I would never get better, never improve even 1 percent point.

My fourth is to rest. Don't carry your kids (very hard, I know), don't do weeding in the garden or heavy work, don't carry laundry baskets, get some time on the couch or in bed. This is all stuff that you'll have to work out with your dh. Also, watch out about riding in the car too much - that's the only time now that my back really hurts (but we have major potholes and bumpy roads).

PM me if you want to talk.

PS I wouldn't start any exercise regime until you have consent from your chiro. Sometimes the spine will be too fragile yet, and you'll have to just let some of the muscle build up around it by itself before you can really work out. I'm on a 3-month no exercise, no adjustments rest period.
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Well, I went to a spine specialist and I was told that I am a good surgical candidate since I had been dealing with this for 4 months and there has been no relief. But I can try corizone injection first to see how that helps. So I got the shot yesterday. I really didn't like the idea of doing it, but I simply couldn't live with this pain another day. The pain had gotten a lot worse this last week.

So far so good with the shot. Over the next few days I should hopefully have less and less inflamation. I haven't had any tylenol or ibuprofen for two days now, and that is a feat I feel.

But I have to pump and dump for 24 hours after and I have 6 hours left and I think I have a clogged duct.
I'm off to take a nice hot shower and do some massage to work it out.
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gemini, the technique I refered to before is called Rolfing. here's a link that gives you an overview, and the page has links to follow...

it relieves inflamation naturally and helps everything move along more quickly in your therapy. I bet you can find someone in your area who is trained in it, and if you do-- RUN do not walk to them! lol!

I hope you find some relief soon
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