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Anyone else with the awful spring cold?

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We finally caught it here. Our neighbors' kids had terrible sore throats last week, friends' kids have had sinus and ear DD is sniffling and DS has a full-blown cold. Didn't affect him much til today when he willingly took a nap (after 10 days of NOT taking one!) Now I have to hope that it doesn't turn into anything that requires antibiotics.

The only silver lining is that they are BOTH taking naps at the SAME time today, which almost never happens!!!! Whatever shall I do....
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Yup. My kids and every other child I know have it. In fact, the adults all over the place have it family friend even died b/c it went to his chest and he had a weak heart and had pulminary edema...I feel for you. We've been getting LOTS of vitamin C, and I've been breaking my JuicePLus+ Berries capsules into their OJ twice a day. It really seems to have helped. They are getting over it a little sooner than everyone else, and DD didn't get pneumonia from it, even though it went to her chest (has asthma, everything that goes to her chest has given her pneumonia so far!)!! Good luck. And yay! about the naps. WHat a treat for mama!
I didn't even realize DS had been sick until DH and I got it! DS coughed a weird cough in his sleep for 2-3 nights last week, and that was it. DH and I, on the other hand, have a full blown icky cold. It started with the sore throat, then came the weird cough, then the head cold. UGH! I hate being sick when it's so nice outside.
We just finished with it. Dd had a very mild cold, but then dh and I were both just miserable with it. Not fun at all when the weather is so nice.
Oh, scary, Courtenay. How awful that your friend died. So sad. I am so very sorry.

DS was a bit better today. Still tiring easily but up to his old tricks (bothering his baby sister, put his kaleidescope in the toilet etc.) He did take another nap. His ancillary temp was normal but he felt warm, and I guess you add a half degree so he did have a slight temp.

It does suck that it's so nice out, but I won't let him run around outside so we have mostly been staying in.

If he still has a temp tomorrow I'm calling the doc. though. I get so paranoid....
We just finished up with something here. High temps, coughing, miserable.
influenza A to be exact, and my husband has it too
i am probably doomed
the doctor said she was really amazed that flu is still around in April
My son has had the runny nose, but does not appear to be miserable.

Me on the other hand, came down with acute bronchitis and for the first time in years I had to take antibiotics, predinasone (sp), albuteral, and robitussin w/ coedine.

Just when I got over the darn thing, I get this stinking sore throat (which has not left me for three days) and my head feels like it is about to explode.

I have overall just felt cruddy for the last 6 weeks. My boss and DH tells me I have to take care of myself (on the flipside they are both vying for my attention constantly), and I am expected to take care of my twins.

Gee, guys, I have to work full-time, I have to take care of my family full-time, as far as I am concerned that does not leave any time to take care of me, does it?
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Round four starting here...diagnosed virus, sinus infection, flu...and now the 2 year old woke up sneezing and runny nose. I don't know if it's a cold or allergies, just hoping it's mild!
Well, DS, 3, is on antibiotics for the first time in his life. He got a fever on day 4 of what seemed to be a mild cold. It eased up on day 6, then came back on day 8 and he was miserable. We went to the dr. on Easter Sunday, and they diagnosed him with tonsellitus! Oddly, he had never complained of a sore throat.

He is much better now, though. Hope everyone else is, too!
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