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Anyone else?

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Is anyone else seeing a Perinatologist?
I have to see one due to the fact I have had seven miscarriages and my daughter was a near miscarriage 18 times and was born premature at 32 weeks.
I am so scared to lose this baby. I want my ideal birth, but more than anything I want a healthy baby. I will be seeing the same peri that did my emergency c/s and delivered my daughter. She is very proactive VBAC if I can, which gives me comfort.
I've been cramping and it scares me. I am paranoid about everything this time around just because of everything I have been through.
Is anyone else near Portland Or? I am in Vancouver WA and will be going to OHSU.
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I was... but I switched my care...
I am due to my history of loss. I feel very fortunate that I got referred to him. It was chance that my husband talked about my miscarriages on Facebook and his highschool friend works in the hospital, out of town, where the Peri is. I have to drive 45 min to see him.

We're optimistic that I'll make it to 20wks and he'll fully discharge me to the midwives.
Not, yet, and I hope I never have to. I have an ob that specializes in high risk pregnancies, but he is NOT a peri. If things get complicateed (abruption) then we already have a doc ready about 20 miles away.
yeah, OHSU is about 45 minutes away and I-5 through Portland and Vancouver sucks...I should say more on the Portland side.
Even if I made it 20wks, I'd be scared to see another doc. My daughter was fine until we went in for an hour of monitoring and things went downhill very fast. She could have died.
My goal is to make it to 32 weeks this time and hope I can make it longer!
I'm seeing one due to: a) previous losses, b) i'm on lovenox (injectable blood thinners) and c) i'm currently carrying triplets.

So I've got no choice.
I'm also seeing my regular OB whom I love!!

I'm in the DC area, so I'm not help in terms of docs around you, but thought I'd respond as another "high risk" mama.

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