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Anyone else's child do this??? Soooo frutrating...

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My 6 month old son was recently diagnosed with reflux, but that's pretty much under control (for now anyways) with meds and different comforting techniques. Our biggest problem right now, and my biggest frustration, is that when it's time to go down for the night, or even for a nap, my son fights it to the bitter end AND he will sit there and literally RIP the pacifier out of his mouth OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! His eyes will be closed and he's soooo ready for sweet sleep but he will sometimes do this for 15 mins. to half an hour before he finally gives up and keeps the pacifier in long enough to fall asleep. It drives me absolutely mad!!
Sometimes I will sit there and watch him, but then have to make myself go elsewhere and let him cry for a few mins. or more in the hopes that he will tire himself out just enough by crying a little. But I usually end up feeling soooo guilty
that I sit there and play his game while the rest of the family goes on without me for however long it takes to get him to sleep....Anyone have any suggestions? He's not very dependant on the soother, only taking it at night and just recently though, but he generally won't fall asleep without the thing in his mouth. Oh how I long for the first 3 weeks of his life when sleep was all he did and he rejected the pacifier completely....

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!
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Ok, I don't have any suggestions, but I can certainly commiserate! My first was like this. She would be falling asleep, almost there, and an arm would snake out, ever so slowly and WHACK! she would whap herself on the head to wake herself up! It was very irritating.

I would have to hold her hands still in order to get her down. I feel for you mama. Hang in there.

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