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Anyone else's kid HUGE?

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Carter turned 2 last week and is a full head above other kids his age. He weighs around 43 pounds (he's not fat, just BIG). Does anyone else have an extra-large child? Do they stay big, or grow out of it?
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My daughter just turned 3 and weighs in at 49 pounds. She has a tummy and a bit of chub on her thighs but is overall just very big. She is about 4 inches taller than most of her little friends too.

She was born at 8 lb 12.5 and just continues to pack it on!

ETA: She is in size 6 clothes and a 10.5 shoe!
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He was 10 pounds when he was born, so he has just stayed big. He's off the chart for both height and weight. and he's still nursing!
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DD was about 45lbs at 2. Not much more (if any) than that at 2.5. She's been in the same size clothes now for 9 months. Off the charts for height as well and still growing (though she's been in the same sized shoe for almost 5 months). Everyone kept telling me she'd start slimming when she started crawling/walking/whatever, but it was running I think that did the trick. She was a bit late in really starting to run. Well, running and the fact that my milk dried up not long after he second birthday due to pregnancy. I haven't weaned her entirely yet, but we have restricted nursing to morning and bedtime only because I'm afraid her weight will start shooting up again when my milk comes in sometime during the next week or so.
DS is pretty big, although not in the range of some of yours! He's 2 1/2 and weighs 38 pounds. His feet though are enormous ~ size 10 1/2! He's always been in the 95th %ile for weight, and about the 75th for height. The very first pair of shoes we bought for him at age 1 were 5 1/2s, so he's always had big feet too. Also, we need to buy him adult hats because children's hats don't fit on his head.
my daughter is big...she is two and she was always off the charts, from about three months on. She is chubby but not overly so, mainly she is just tall. Dad is 6 foot 4, and I am 5 foot 9, so I guess thats where she gets it. My son is also head and shoulders above every other kid in his class...he was a little smaller than my daughter at 2, and now he is just tall and so skinny he looks like I dont feed him!
My son is 24 months and around 40 lbs. He was 10 lbs at birth and gained a pound a week from nursing for a long, long time. My family is tall and I'm sure he's going to be tall too. One of his friends has short parents and is literally half the size of my son, at the same age!

With the next baby, I'm going to get one of those "100% Breastmilk" shirts -- strangers always seemed to think I must be feeding my baby cake and ice cream for him to be so big!

My son was 9lbs at birth, and 30 at a year, and was simply gigantic (talll too!).

He is now almost 14 (July 3rd!), and is average in height and weight.

ETA: my last babe, who was the smallest (6lbs 9oz), is now the tallest of all three at his age (he's 6) and is literally the tallest in his class! He was wearing size 7 slim pants when he was 4.
My son is 16 months and has weighed about 34 lbs for quite a while now. He was 7lbs 6oz at birth and started gaining weight immediately (he'd gained 2oz by day 4). His clothes are for a 3 year old. His weight is fairly evenly distributed so I'm guessing he will stay big. He's a good advert for his vegan diet!
Don't forget me!!!!!!!!!

DS is 38 lbs and 47.5 ins at 27 months. Wears a size 10 shoe and 3/4 T clothing. Not fat just tall (which is great cause mom is just 5'.)
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Yep, my funny girl is tall, tall, tall. She was 36in. on her 2nd birthday. If she follows the old wives tale she'll be 6 ft. tall.
Carter is wearing 4/5 T clothing and a 12 1/2 shoe. He's now 24 mos 1 week.

Thanks, mamas. it's good to know I'm not the only one with a gigantor babe.
Anyone else have older kids who stayed big or evened out?
I'm so afraid he will stay huge and other kids will make fun of him. I can already see people freaking out that this big kid is still nursing! And everyone talks to him like he is older and when he doesn't answer I always have to explain that he just turned 2 and doesn't talk that much yet.
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my dd was 35" tall at 2 yr check up and 28.5 lbs. that puts her in the 95% for ht and the 75% for wt. the peditrician said, "she's as big as a 3-yr-old and she talks like one too!"
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My daughters were born small (less than 6 lbs. each) but they started growing and just never stopped! I'm trying to remember sizes for different ages. I do remember that for their first birthday they were wearing size 3T. At their 2-year checkup they were 45 lbs., 62 & 64 lbs. at 4-year checkup. Now they are 10, are about 5'1" and 5'2.5" (don't know how much they weigh) and wear adult clothing (size med-large or sz. 7) and women's size 8.5 shoes. It can be hard when your little ones are so much bigger than others; mine would get dirty looks for playing like 2-year olds when they looked 4 or 5. My son will be 3 in August but I get asked if he's 4 at least once a week. I don't think he looks 4. He is tall, I guess, but not outrageously so.
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