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Anyone else's pets driving them crazy???

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We have one dog, two sheep, and 15 (aka "too many") chickens and at one time or another in the last month I have been plotting to find new homes for all of them!!! OMG...they are all driving me batty!

The dog is being a nervous nelly....wants to be under my feet constantly. And his hair is EVERYWHERE!!!!

The chickens are crapping all over the place (this is nothing new....just REALLY bothering me now). Despite keeping the gates closed they keep flying up onto my deck and we have to keep washing the deck down to get rid of poop.

And the sheep...well a couple of days ago our male cornered me and DD and got aggressive. I had to drag him by the horns to get him back in the pen. DD was screaming and I was just like...this is freakin' insane. I'm 9 mos pregnant...holding a toddler....and wrestling a 100 pound sheep.

If it wasn't for the fact that I remember going through this exact same frustration when I was pregnant with DD....I swear, I'd send them all packing.

Anyway....just wondering if anyone else is struggling with their furry (or feathery or wooly) friends??
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No way! We have 3 horses, 2 goats, 3 dogs, 4 cats and various other critters. I still enjoy them very much.
Sheep on the other hand... I grew up having sheep and really I would rather have a goat any day.
Would love to have chickens but HOA restrictions won't allow for it.
I love watching all my critters and making sure they are happy.
Although last weekend I was ready to kill the goats. I had just paid off my car and dropped insurance down to liability when the goats were doing some testing on paint durability:
Luckily Saturn's paint seems to be pretty decent...
The horses have been super sweet to me - almost as if they can sense I am pregnant and even our troublesome Catahoula mix is finally starting to settle down.
LOL - just as I refreshed the page and saw your post, I had just brushed my cat off the back of my chair which he was trying to scratch! I have nowhere near as many pets as you have, but my 2 cats have been a little goofy lately. This one especially - scratching in weird places, HE's the one with morning sickness (or maybe it's bulimia - for the past few months, he's been eating too much food then puking on a regular basis! EWW!) Right now he's walking around making a little "I'm feeling needy" noise, I keep trying to tell him that he isn't going to be able to be the focus of attention soon...
The other cat is the kind that gets under your feet and tries to stand where you're trying to walk... especially bad when my pg belly hides my view!

Did you still want to give your pets away after the baby was born?

Good luck with your troublesome pets!
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Not really, but I can comiserate.

We just have a small dog (mini poodle/ terrior mix, probably) and a cat we adopted last October. They're both doing fairly well with not getting on my nerves any more than usual... tho sometimes, they're a PITA, so I can understand your frustration! (In other words, if you asked me this question tomorrow, I might agree with you! Depends on how they're doing at the moment.)

But this morning, I had to wake up to let the cat in, and when we went back to bed, they both cuddled on me, and it was the sweetest moment

My doggie has been a real baby lately... wanting to be held and cuddled. Much more of a mama's boy now that I'm pregnant. I don't think the cat notices, but then, I was already pregnant when we adopted him.
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We have a parrot who has suddenly decided that hanging out with me is not enough and will spend all day calling for dh. I've turned on the radio and cartoons, bought him new toys, rearranged his cage and let him play on the sofa when dh isn't home (dh doesn't let him). Still, he either calls dh, cries or tries to get me off the sofa because, apparently, it now belongs to him. Heck, I even sit with him while he eats because he doens't like to eat alone. I just don't get it and it is driving me nuts!
My little cat has been acting a lot needier than usual-- she's perplexed and bothered by all the changes in the apartment. But it doesn't annoy me, I just wish I could explain to her what's going to happen... We're trying to give her lots and lots of love to ease this transition a little.

Poor kitty, she has no idea what's in store!
LOL - I only have 1 cat who annoys the crap out of me - but she always has. She meows CONSTANTLY - wakes me up from my precious and much needed sleep - and she's not even siamese!
Did you still want to give your pets away after the baby was born?

My relationship with my pets was VERY strained in the early post-partum time. I just couldn't handle anyone or anything else needing me.

It's improved a lot over the last two years, but it's never gone back to what it was before DD when I *SO* wanted to be a mama so I channeled all my mama energy into my furry/wooly/feathery "babies".

about the goats!!!
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YES! My dog actually made me cry yesterday...

In general, she's a wonderful little girl. She's old, quiet, sweet as pie, never jumps or barks or scratches. She was a rescue, though, and has some VERY strange and inexplicable neuroses, the most problematic of which (at present) is a fear of crossing thresholds, particularly onto slick floors. She'll usually go in and out of the apartment without fuss, but she often balks getting out of the elevator and ALWAYS puts on the brakes going in and out of the building. If you pull her, she cries and lies down--and, for a small dog, she is built VERY solidly and can really dig in if she doesn't want to walk. In the past, I just picked her up (she's around 23 pounds) or scooted her along by putting my hands under her "arm"pits. Now, picking her up is out of the question and bending down to scoot her has gotten almost impossible.

Yesterday, I stood at the door to the building, desperately trying to get her to come in and she just wouldn't budge. Coaxing doesn't work, a low stern voice doesn't work...and she's just so timid and pathetic that I can't bear to get really angry with her (externally, that is...internally, I want to kill her).
Eventually, I just burst into tears.

I'm dreading taking her for her walks today, and I can't imagine what this will be like when I have a baby in a sling to deal with as well. I think I'm going to have to try to get a trainer in next week to see if we can resolve the problem. It's not something we can really afford right now, but probably cheaper in the long run than getting a dog walker twice a day.

On another pet-related note: I just ordered a CD of baby sounds called "Preparing Fido". It's supposed to be great for preparing a dog to get used to the sounds of a new baby (cooing, crying, etc.). It's for interested parties.
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My pups have been driving dh crazy ("honey, we need to address the dog situation" was what I was told when he had to stay home alone with them for one night this weekend, they're mostly with me.) but I think they've adjusted well to our recent move and are better behaved than ever.

That said, there is still behavior that worries me when I look to the future with baby. They just learned that they can take off without me in the woods for about 10 minutes before they return panting and looking guilty. One was barking at something/one off in the distance and they would NOT come when called. Following in after them with a babe in sling is not in the cards.

We brought home a life-size babydoll from our CBE classes and they seem to have taken to him after being VERY nervous around him. He is also plastic, like their toys, so the younger dog did try to nibble his fingers at first and the older one tried to take him from me like "thanks for the cool toy mom!" We're also working on showing them that all toys that enter this house are not for them. Wow are their lives changing!
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Originally Posted by KBinSATX
Luckily Saturn's paint seems to be pretty decent...
: That picture really made me laugh! We had a goat when I was growing up, and he was always climbing on cars.

And dharmama,
the image of you wrestling the sheep, 9 months pregnant, w/toddler in tow is pretty funny too. (Although I am sure it was not funny to you at the time!)

I only have a rott./shepherd mix and a horse that I board, but I am envious of you ladies. I am a farm girl at heart!
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Amanda ~
I remember one of my friend's dog wouldn't walk on their hardwood floors. I think they ended up finding out that he had a hip problem and was afraid of slipping. Hope you can figure out what's up with your girl...definitely don't want to be having to pick her up while slinging your babe.

Danielle ~ Good luck! Distinguishing between dog toys and baby toys has been an ongoing problem for us.

And dharmama,
the image of you wrestling the sheep, 9 months pregnant, w/toddler in tow is pretty funny too. (Although I am sure it was not funny to you at the time!)
Yeah....not funny at the time but I can DEFINITELY appreciate how ridiculous I must have looked!!

My sheep misbehaved right before DD was born too...wonder if they sense something or if it's just that I've had two late spring/early summer babes.

Last time at around 40 weeks pregnant my sheep started escaping from their pen. I was a WRECK. At one point DH and I had to trail them through the woods. We ended up meeting a neighbor we've never met before and he said he could not believe his eyes when he saw a HUGELY pregnant woman running through the woods chasing sheep!

We ended up building a larger pen for the sheep days before DD was born. I was convinced that I could not go into labor until I knew they were there I was helping to dig fence holes at 40+ weeks.

When I went to the store to buy the supplies the guy that helped me load everything in the truck was very impressed. He told me it was great that I wasn't afraid to do a little hard work and that I would have a nice easy birth because of it.

Don't know if if my fence building was the reason but I did have a nice easy birth!

Oh and I've totally rethought my desire to get rid of the sheep (and decided that I should make NO major decisions regarding animals or anything else for at least another 6 mos
). Now I'm trying to figure out a way that I can rig up some kind of portable electric fence so I can get them out on the grass more...without having to worry about them coming up by the house and harassing me or bashing in our windows (our male sees his reflection in our basement door and thinks it's an intruder sheep
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