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Anyone familiar with livebearing fish?

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I have a swordtail that has has about 10 babies (at least that is all that is left) when I got up and saw the fry I moved the mom into a trap this was at 230pm it is now almost 7pm and she hasnt had any more yet I can still see babies in her tummy.

I Know moving her while having them wasnt the best thing but I also know leaving her in the tank with the already born would have ment I would have lost some of them so I chose to move her.

I used to breed guppies and moving them in labor never hurt them but I dont know much about swordtails. I am leaving her alone and hoping she finishes birthing soon. If not she will die.

Is this normal for swordtails to go hours without birthing or did my moving her cause it.

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moving her could have caused a delay, Id actually let her go back into the main tank, to avoid stressing her even more. If you have enough cover (plants are good), and a not-way overstocked tank, most of the fry will live. I dont think she would die from not birthing the remaining fry, Im pretty sure they would just reabsorb... But then, Ive never had swordtails, so that may be way off.
I do have a lot of cover but I cant bear the thought of her eating any of them and I know she would get more than a few. Matter of fact before I got up this morning I am sure she probably ate some already but at least I didnt know about it
I am sentamental that way

If she dosnt have more by the morning I will put her in the main tank with my other females. Thank you for the fast reply.

I forgot to mention that the babies still in there are way up toward her front not back near her vent. I can see her pause and push but they dont seem to be moving back to be born.
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I certainly know how you feel about feeling bad about the fry! I felt the same way before I got overrun with guppies. Now i have the sexes segregated, but sheesh! Fish can sure multiply. Ive heard that those breeder traps actually cause alot of stress to the fish, and may not keep the mother from eating the fry after all. My thinking is that unless you ahve the extra 20 gallon or two for the fry, just let what happens happen (its a good protein source for the other fish...) and try to prevent it in the future. Some may survive, probably very likely.

Id let her back into the tank. She may be very uncomfortable out of her usual surroundings...
The livebearers are amazing. They can have babies for months after just one mating. One site I found said they can have them for like 6 months from just one because they store the sperm. They have babies every 28-30 days or so. So that is a lot of babies. I was hoping to be able to sell them or even give them away since the local place that carries fish went out. The nearest to buy them now is over a hour away.

They can also change gender if there are no males around. I only have females so I am looking forward to seeing if one changes gender on me
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She really might be done having the babies. Maybe you are seeing something else in her. Are the lights off and the room dark?
It looks like more in there it is really dark to look at but it might not be. I will know for sure tomarrow.
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