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Anyone familiar with retrograde ejaculation?? (warning: descriptive)

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I am starting to suspect that my dh may have this condition- it is not uncommon among men like him who have had long-term Type 1 diabetes. I've noticed over the last year or two a decrease in his, um, output, and over the last few months, there is nothing noticeable at all. We were able to get pregnant last October, but I m/c- now I'm worried that that may have been our last opportunity without medical intervention. I am hoping to convince dh to see his doctor about this, but I am not sure how to approach the subject without embarrassing him. Anyway, what I am curious about is whether or not anyone here has personally experienced a situation like this or knows someone who has. I've got dh taking a B-complex and pseudoephedrine, which is supposed to help to keep the opening of the bladder closed (and push the semen out). I have found some info online, but not enough, and no one I know IRL has even heard of it. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated!
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I don't know much about it (though I do remember it from Reproductive Health 101).

I urge you to get him to a Dr asap! It might not be fun, but they can do some testing, and if needed, can "harvest" his sperm via a needle...

I'm sure he's aware of the problem... talk to him about it. Communication is always good -- try to be sensitive, and let him know you're concerned. This isn't something that's his fault, so don't let him blame himself. It's just something that needs to be dealt with!

Good luck!
I haven no experience with this issue however Zinc is supposed to do wonders in increasing sperm. But like Alexis said, it's always in your best interrest to get things checked out - just in case.
I have no advice on this but hope it gets worked out. My dd has type 1 diabetes.
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I have heard of this, but as above, I want to urge you to discuss the option of going to the doctor, with your dh. You can try to ease into the discussion, perhaps by starting out with something about your chances of conceiving with things the way they are now, and then you can lay out what you mean by "the way they are now" but be sure not to sound accusatory or in any way try to make him defensive.

It will help your case if you can do a little research on the subject first, and have some numbers to back you up. (Men love numbers, and they're harder to refute.) And, seeing a doctor may help to relieve the problem faster, as well as making sure there isn't another problem behind it... which is, of course, better for both of you.

As a side note, you may want to reconsider the pseudoephedrine. It's not necessarily a good thing for diabetics, and at the very least you should have an informed, professional opinion before he takes it. Diabetics are prone to heart disease and unbalanced sugar levels, and pseudoephedrine is often counter-indicated for both of these reasons.

A good herbalist or natropath could be a wonderful way to get the natural help you desire.

I'm sorry I don't have more-helpful advice for you, but I wish you the very best of luck and health in your search.
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Alexis- You're right- I'm quite sure he is aware of it, but it's almost as if he assumes we can still conceive, since we have in the past. We *might* be able to still conceive, I don't know if I'm right about this or not. We really do need to get him to the dr. asap.

MamanFrancaise- I'll have to check into the zinc to see if it would be ok for him- thanks for the suggestion! One of the reasons I like the B complex is that B 12 is also supposed to increase sperm count and help to slow neuropathy.

We have our ups and downs. The insulin pump has been our lifesaver

Gristastic- ITA that men like numbers, lol! I've found some interesting stats on treatment, etc. that I need to show him. I appreciate the concern over the psuedoephedrine. His Dr. has actually approved it for dh to use, because he also has some sinus issues and it is one of the few things that works He does use it moderately, only when he's really bothered by sinuses and last month, right around O time. Maybe we'll skip it this month, though...Thanks for bringing that up, because rereading my original post, it was irresponsible of me to mention that he is diabetic and taking it without mentioning that it is a more powerful drug than many people realize. My dh is a pretty crunchy guy, except for the fact that he is a pretty strong supporter of allopathic medicine. I am somewhere in the middle. I would love to see him visit an herbalist. We live in a community that is very supportive of the natural healing arts, so there are quite a few options for us if he will go that route.

I really appreciate all of the feedback and reading your replies has really strengthened my resolve to address the issue with him asap.
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My dd is on the pump too. Life is so much better with it for sure.
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I'm glad your doc ok'd it. I'm sorry if I came on too strongly. I just have a thing about diabetics. (totally personal, my mom and grandfather both died from, IMO, poor maintanence of their conditions)

Best of luck to you both!

Originally Posted by saturnine25
...My dh is a pretty crunchy guy, except for the fact that he is a pretty strong supporter of allopathic medicine.
This makes sense to me, since I am also pretty crunchy, but as someone with a life-threatening illness, I have had to have the support of allopathic medicine! (I'm asthmatic and the first 20 years of my life my asthma was completely uncontrolled b/c my mom has a huge crunchy bias towards Western medicine. She still believes I'm doing the wrong thing, being on Western meds. But I've seen the x-rays of my lungs, I know what that 20 years did to me...)

Anyway, Naturopathy is a great thing, and can be very complementary to diabetes -- as can a healthy lifestyle, which I'm sure he knows all about
Sometimes we just need allopathic meds...

Let us know how it goes!
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gristastic- you didn't come on too strongly! I thought you brought up an excellent point

Alexis- ITA that natural remedies are beneficial in most cases, but that allopathic medicine has its place, too. I think that some allopathic treatments are beneficial, particularly with people who have a life-threatening chronic condition like asthma or diabetes, and also for emergency/trauma situations.

Anyway, we talked a little bit last night, and dh still thinks "it could happen" without help, but seems receptive to taking it a step further with his dr. He actually has a routine appt. scheduled a couple of weeks from now. I'll let you all know what happens.....
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Amy, my dh has almost no output if he doesn't drink enough water but is fine when I have him increase his fluids. He thinks he drinks enough but he doesn't.
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