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Anyone feeling pain in their belly- round ligament pain??

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This is my first pregnancy and I never expected my tummy to HURT so bad as it is stretching. I have been told by friends that it's probably round ligament pain, but WOW, sometimes I am fine and sometimes I am crouched over in pain by it.

Anyone else experiencing this? I hear it's the worst with your first pregnancy.
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yes, for a while now. then it eased up and this week it is bad again.

does it hurt when you first stand up, right where the leg and the torso meet?

if that's not it then you may have PSD. here's some great info on it

if it is, then yoga can help it not hurt so much. just remember to get up so and easy.
I get twinges every now and then but it's nothing that severe... I'm sorry you are hurting so much! Is this your first pg? I can't recall if I had it very bad with my first, seems like a lot of little things hurt!
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