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anyone following the Blue Ribbon Baby diet?

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its supposed to prevent pre-eclampsia and other problems ... its really pretty basic but I was just wondering if there was anyone else intestested in it...
I didnt have pre-e before but I am overweight and my mw wants me to have a very uneventful pregnancy so the dr will sign off on a hba2c for me...
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I've never even heard of this! Do you have more info?

I'm pretty sure it's very similar to the diet recommended by the Bradley folks. I followed that throughout my pregnancy. I started out at about 270, gained 33 lbs., and had lost 30 of it at my 6 week pp visit. I normally have very low blood pressure, but knew that I'd be watched by the medwives/obs extra-closely due to my weight. I had ZERO blood pressure problems during my pregnancy. I don't know if it's because of the diet, but I plan to do the same thing this time around. Here's a link to the Bradley diet:

I found the Excel spreadsheet on this page to be extremely helpful!
I did this with pregnancy 1 and will be doing it with this pregnancy as well with adding in some things from NT, like bone broths etc.
Very interesting... I am just too scattered to adhere to an actual 'diet' though. My nutrition is pretty good, I pay a lot of attention to the quality of food I give to myself and my family. I think I'll just keep on doing what I 'm doing, but I will perhaps integrate tips from eith diet into my current routine.
I'm not in your due date club but I did follow that diet for my second pregnancy and it helped tremendously with my gestational diabetes. My son was born so healthy and robust and I do give credit to that diet.
I actually follow a diet very close to this. I can't eat quite that amount of food right now, but i really do eat pretty well most of the time. I actually have the brewer diet basic guidlines on my fridge as a reminder to keep eating well. I followed eating habits very similar to this while pregnant with DD and had no complications, gained 19 pounds and lost that within 3 months. I think that the best part about it is the way it makes you very aware of eating habits and nutrition. I was so intune with my body that I lost a little over 60lbs in about 7 months after birth, with breastfeeding and a little exersize as well. I have quite a bit of extra fluff and stuff and am looking forward to the healthy living feeling after this one too.
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I plan to try and follow the WP diet for pregnancy
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Originally Posted by Leilalu
I plan to try and follow the WP diet for pregnancy

What is WP?
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I have been eating NT/WAP-ish (Nourishing Traditions/Weston A Price) for a few years, and have the pregnancy diet guidelines on my fridge. I am eating about half of what's on the list and nothing much else, still getting 2000 + calories and feel great. I'll try to add a little more in each month, but I think the amount on that list is way to much for someone my size (5'4", 125lb pre-pregnancy).
I follow the WAP diet but use the blue ribbon baby spreadsheet to keep track of protein. My midwife likes for me to stay around 80 grams so it is a great way to keep track. I think both diets really line up easily just more supplementation with WAP.
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I have the WAP guidelines on my frig as well. I never eat as much as they say either. Perhaps by the end though, I remember being starved to death last time. I somehow had totally forgotten about the protein aspect, I will have to watch that, although think I am doing fine thus far.
that is interesting, I did have hypertension with my first two but I was 70+ pounds heavier with them, now that I have lost it all eating healthy, 6 meals a day balance grains/protein/fat I think I should be safe this time around
I think basically eat healthy and you are doing the most you can do, and walking can do wonders
It is alot of food, but I guess it's the right kind of food, so......

I am hoping to stop the insanity of the 60 pounds I gained with each of mine

I think alot of that happens through empty calories(even though I did eat pretty well)and the body packs on the pounds to store more nutrients- but it has to pack on more because what we are eating isn't good enough. i also had protein issues last time.
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aaack, it's just so much food! i tried the blue ribbon baby last time and will try it again after this first trimester. i just have trouble eating that much and all that milk...yuck. but the results are good, i know
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