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Hi Ladies,
I'm just beginning my journey of changing the way we eat in our household (currently of the processed/covenience food mentality most of the time). I have to admit, it is all a bit daunting. I feel very firmly that this is something I need to do, and that I am not doing the very best I can for myself, and most importantly for my daughter, by continuing to eat the way we do currently.

I picked up a cataloge from the Tucson Coorperative Warehouse from a friend this week, but there are so many products I don't know where to start. I know it won't be easy to change our tastes and switch to new foods, so I am wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions on where to start, what products are most important to buy natural/organic, or what brands to buy (or stay away from). I'm hoping to try just a few things the first month and then gradually increase the amount we purchase as we get the hang of things.

I'm also surprised at the price of the food - it seems even more expensive than thought it would be. I know price will be a major stumbling block with my husband - and tips on how to approach this?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much,
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