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Anyone from Minot?

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Just curious if there are any Minot people on here.
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I don't currently live in Minot. I live in Bismarck now but I grew up in minot and visit periodically.
I grew up in Minot, too. Then I lived in Fargo for 5 years and ended up back in Minot. My whole family lives here so it is nice to be close to them. We almost moved to Bismarck when my husband finished college, but the best job was in Minot.
Hi - I know this is a bit late, but I recently moved to the Minot. We were in the Twin Cities, and have had a crazy summer going back and forth, but think we're finally getting settled this time! I am originally from out near Surrey - it is also where we are currently staying.

My daughter is now just a little over 2 years old! Just wanted to send a hello!

Solana 7/29/2004
That's great. Welcome back to Minot. Have you been able to find much for organic living/natural living here in Minot? It is so hard. Not much selection. I can give you some names of people/resources that I have found around here if you would like. PM me if you would like.
I'm in Minot too. hopeelise, I'm going to PM you for those names.
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