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Anyone from Rochester NY??

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Hi all... I live in Rochester, New York. I'd love to hear from moms that live in my area. Anyone out there?
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Hi Luanne! There are a few of us in the Corning area, about an hour and 45 mins away.
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Hi Luanne!

I'm in Rochester! PM me, if you'd like!
I'm in Rochester. Is anyone interested in a play group? Ideally, I would like to find some moms with kids near my dd's age (9 months) who are into bfing and slinging. Age proximity is less important to me than a similarity in parenting style.

I would describe myself as slightly crunchy--enough to freak out my mom, not enough to give up disposable diapers quite yet (although I totally admire those moms who aren't using them). I tried to have a drug-free childbirth, but ended up with an epidural. Would definitely try again without drugs (but would NOT waste time feeling guilty if I ended up with an epidural again), and I think I might be open to a homebirth next time, but don't want to give up my OB. I'm trying to begin EC with my daughter now and wish I'd known about it earlier. Couldn't live without my slings. I know I'm kind of on the fence about some AP issues, but I appreciate a push in the natural parenting direction so long as it is non-judgemental and I could also use company on the fence, if that happens to be where you are too.
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Hey Caren,

My daughter is almost six months -- I would definitely be interested in trying a playgroup type thing.

We bf, cosleep, babywear, cloth diaper -- most of the AP "tools." I like to think I'm not judgemental.
I too had an epidural during my "hoped to be natural" birth.

I've opened a Yahoo Group for APs in Rochester, if anyone is interested. I only did it because I couldn't find anything similar!
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Hi there!

I live in Rochester, have 2 dds, 5 yo and 3 yo, and expecting #3 any day now until Jan. I think we fit into AP ideology, but I love coming here for info and camaraderie (and just to waste time). My friends that lean toward the AP mold are mostly from LLL; our group meets on the 4th Tuesday at 915 Culver Rd., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (doesn't really look like a church; in office complex), except this month it's the 3rd Tuesday for the holidays. You are welcome to come (you may have already for all I know!).
Yes, that's my group. Are you and your girls the ladies who were all in pink last time? I'm trying to think who I've seen there with two dds (altough perhaps they don't both come with you). I'm the one who often spends most of the meeting on the floor crawling after my daughter in the center of the circle.
I have dark, shoulder-length hair that isn't sure whether it wants to be curly or straight and my dd has a full head of dark hair too. It's a good thing you mentioned the change in schedule for this month because I hadn't heard that. I'll see you there.
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Hello I'm new here and I live in Rochester NY. I don't have any friends that practice AP so sometimes it's a little hard for me. I would love to meet up with anyone interested, please PM me!
Hello, hello...!

My name is Nick. I'm a new(-ish) SAHM -- my son Julian is 5 months old -- and feeling somewhat isolated. Few of my pre-motherhood friends decided to stick around and I just haven't had the opporunity to meet any mom-friends. So please, please count me in for the play-group! I have also just signed up for the yahoo group, so hope to see y'all over there as well.

Like Caren, I too am fence-sitting on a lot of AP issues. We cloth diaper and were co-sleeping for a while (although no longer). My approach to motherhood is much more earthy-crunchy than I ever would have imagined...I was actually talking to SO about getting some wheat germ the other day. For a girl who used to live on beer, Marlboros, Diet Coke and Pepto Bismol, that's pretty radical.

Have to chime in on the birth story: during a long (36-hour) and grueling labor, the anaesthesiologist fouled up my epidural and it ended up falling out... by the time I was in dire need of pain relief, there was nothing they could do for me. So I inadvertantly had a natural birth....

I have been wanting to attend a LLL meeting, but haven't been able to as we are currently a one-car family and SO has a wacky work schedule which just happens to preclude any of the existing LLL meetings. Hmmmph.

Hope to hear from everyone!
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hi there
T sorry.... don't mean to interupt your thread......

but dh, dd and I are looking to move out of the city but still to a commutable area. What can you tell me about Rochester? How long is the commute to the city?

What can we get in terms of a home for 175 - 200,000?

Is the area AP friendly?

How are race relations? My husband is arab, I am white and we are muslim so we kinda feel like this limits us a bit. Some of those more country areas dont like "our kind".

Questions I know.....but this momma is feeling overwhelmed with research. And it my "job" to relocate this family.

Thanks so much in advance
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Okay either I am a dummy dummy or

1.) There is the town Rochester which is way way up there and commutable to NYC only by plane :LOL


2.) There is Rochester county which is commutable

Where do y'all live?
Hi, goodcents.

We're all in/near the City of Rochester near Lake Ontario. It would be a heckuva commute to NYC -- like 7 hours!

I don't think I've even heard of Rochester County, but then, I'm pretty geographically dim-witted.
No apparently I blew a bulb last night because it is Rockland County not Rochester. Or maybe I was even getting it confused with Westchester.

All these *ESTERS* got this gal confused!!!

TAlk about geographically dimwitted - geez I am embarrased!!
Yeah, Rochester won't be much help for you, but my ILs live in Rockland Co. I believe it is about an hour for them to get to NYC, possibly slightly less (but I've never gone during rush hours since all my trip between Rockland Co and NYC were as a tourist). I don't know what you would get for that price, but I think it would be pretty modest. Too bad you can't really commute from Rochester--$200 grand would buy you a frickin' mansion in this city.
We're in the Rochester area too! *waving to Dawn and Caren*
Ack! Waving to Nick too!! That's what I get for reading just a couple posts before getting excited and replying!
Hi Jean! Yaaaay for Rochester!

Boo on more snow. But yay for Rochester!
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I was wondering if anyone knew of any ap friendly pediatricians or dentists. We are moving in the fall and I am in the midst of searching for one. I have a 3 yr. old and a 19 mo. old. Thanks.
I'm in Rochester too.

WOHM of a 4 mo dd. We cloth diaper, not bf, co-sleep and cloth diaper!
Hey there! I live in Livingston County, south of Rochester on 390 about 1/2 hour to 45 min. away. We are into AP and are more "alternative" than most of our conservative neighbors. We eat mostly organic and vegetarian, are big promoters of natural birthing practices and work to build a healthy lifestyle for our family. Though we're probably not right around the block, feel free to contact me.

Amyhello rochester
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