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Anyone get O spotting?

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I had some interesting spotting on Sunday (along with cramping and EWCM) which I think was O spotting. It was a thin red line when I wiped (like a line drawn with a red pen). Is that what O spotting looks like? I've never had it before. There's also a very very small chance it was implantation spotting (but that could just be me being crazy). Is that what implantation spotting looks like?
I would really appreciate the advice!
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I had exactly the same thing on Sunday. Have been trying not to think about it since I have a tendency to "over think" the slightest thing... but I did wonder if it could be O spotting or even (dare I type it?) implantation spotting...
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I had O spotting the cycle i got pg with his pregnancy. I don't believe I've ever had it before, but the day after O, I had a small swipe of blood in April when I conceived dd.
i've had this before as well. just a tiny red dot or two... my friend's midwife told her that it was a sign of "excellent fertility".
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