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Anyone get pregnant while using the pill PERFECTLY? (x-post)

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I am paranoid. First of all, dh and I only DTD once this month(things have been hectic), but it was around when I would have O'ed if I wasn't taking the pill. I took my last active pill on Saturday, it is now Tuesday, and no sign of AF. Generally I start on Tuesdays. I should also add that while it was pretty easy for me to conceive both dd's, I have used the pill off and on for 15+ years, and never had an accidental pregnancy, even when I missed a pill.

I always take the pill at bedtime, have not missed a single one, have not taken any antibiotics or anything. My bedtime doesn't vary all that much, it is within about a 2 hour window.

It is REALLY unlikely that I'm pregnant, right?
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Quick update, still no sign of AF, and I've taken 2 hpt's (yesterday and this morning) both negative. I guess I keep waiting...
It is unlikely, but it is possible...I got pg and m/c'd last month after 4 months on the pill taken perfectly. Good luck! Hope you get the results you want
Well I drove to the dollar store, sat down to pee in a cup. Wiped, and there she was, AF. Whew! Now what am I gonna do with these HPT's?
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Well, this only happens about once every 5 years! Last time I was this late was before dh and I married, probably 6 1/2 years ago? I think they'll expire. I'm gonna fairy them to a poas addict.
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I just want to say that YES, my dd was conceived while on the PILL and using properly, no missed days, about the same time daily, 3 mo into starting it. No antibiotics or other medications.
I used the same pill between ds1 and ds2 for about a year, then went off to get pregnant, it took a year to get pregnant.
I actually took an entire PILL pack while pregnant with dd. I almost miscarried her.
I will NEVER go on the PILL again.
No method, except no sex, is perfect.
Yep. Me too. I had one glitch: throwing up the morning after dtd and not taking the morning after pill, 45 weeks before he was born, bi-cycled the pill and there he was, a bouncing baby boy (who was born at 43.5 weeks according to ultrasound.)
I know this is old-ish, but I got pregnant with DD while perfectly taking the pill as well.

She's now 5, and beautiful. And I never used that type of pill

Originally Posted by Electra375
I actually took an entire PILL pack while pregnant with dd. I almost miscarried her.
I actually took 2 pill packs (had no clue I was pregnant until about 9-10 weeks along), my DD was absolutely perfect.

Taking the pill while pregnant (unknowingly) won't absolutely cause problems. It's just a could happen kind of thing. (I didn't want anyone else freaking out about that should they stumble on this)
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