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I was happy to hear about this event from another parent. I'll be having a vendor spot to sell my homemade soaps so if you come stop on by and help me get a potty break!<br><br>
<<Bargains and goodies galore!<br><br>
We have an auditorium full of homeschoolers ready to sell or trade their new<br>
and used resources.<br>
We have vendors for Usborne and Imaginator Press.<br>
We have homeschooling entrepreneur crafters selling jewelry, cards, knitting<br>
and crocheted treasures.<br>
We have Port Discovery, Dr Nebel and Ms Nan Barchowsky on hand and donating<br>
door prize items.<br>
We have books and magazines from Sandra Dodd, Wendy Priesnitz of Natural<br>
Life, Jam Hunt of Natural Child and HEM,<br>
plus local donations from Opies ice cream, Bounce in Elkridge, and the<br>
Grilled Cheese Co.<br><br>
And we have much much more!<br><br>
New? Come ask questions of the "Are There / Doing That" and the "Been There<br>
/ Done That" folks.<br><br>
Experienced? Come share your trials and errors and your hard earned wisdom<br>
with others.<br><br>
Ready to "call it a year" ? Come cheer the talent and the grads and<br>
Hope to see you there!<br><br><br>
<<a href="" target="_blank"></a>><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
MPNL Homeschoolapalooza<br>
9 to 3 pm Vending / Chat / Door Prizes<br>
3 to 5 Talent<br>
5 to 7 Graduation / Dinner<br>
7 to 9 Family Dance<br>
Saturday May 15th<br><br>
Christian Temple Church<br>
5820 Edmondson Ave<br>
Catonsville MD 21228>>

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Is this a free/open-to-the-public event?

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<div style="font-style:italic;">Is this a free/open-to-the-public event?</div>
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