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Anyone Going to the MD Sheep & Wool Festival?

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I'm originally from Baltimore and was planning on going home this month until I remembered the festival and decided May was a much better month for travelling.
I will be going to the festival with my mom, my 3.5 year old ds, and 3 month old dd, I would love to meet some other mamas from here!

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We will be there! With friends!

Do we put a fork in our pocket (there is a bad joke related to this) or is there some other secret sign?
Melinda- I'm not going- but I may be sending some photographs for the photo contest (if they will have me- they are pictures of goats- not sheep) so if you get a chance to stop by that section of the event I'd love to hear a report.
Sarah, let me know if you get them entered and if so I'll make sure to stop by.

SleeplessMommy, I was hoping there would be enough of us going to have a little picnic or something. Let's hope more people respond.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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