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Anyone had B12 injections?

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My GP wants me to have a B12 injection (I'm only a little low). I can't find much info. about what's in the shot, other than most have preservatives. Are the shots vegan? I'm veggie -- occasional dairy; use eggs in baking, but don't eat them on their own -- but I don't want animal products *injected* into me (not to mention the other junk that might be in the shot)!

Can I boost my B12 fairly quickly w/ supplements? Please share your knowledge/experience!
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I dont know alot of specifics but my mother takes B12 for chronic fatigue and it helps her. SHe tried just using supplements and sublingual drops and were no help so she has continued with the shot. Hope that helps a bit.

I take them. I have not looked into what is in them because I have no choice but to take them. I know there's bad stuff, there has to be.

Like the pp's mother the other supplements do not help because I do not digest B12. The only way my body can get it/use it is through the shots. When you get older most people's lack of energy is chalked up to old age, when in reality alot of them have low B12.

It took me 7months of shots before I started to notice a difference and 3 months later I went to having them twice a month.

What is your level? Mine was 180. Most places would consider it low-normal but more places are considering 500 to be low now so it would be quite a bit under normal. When my levels are around 1200(above normal) I feel the best. When they start dropping under that my symptoms start coming back.

Without B12 my peripherial nervous system was attacked and started being destroyed. Once it had it's fun with that it moved onto my central nervous system. Not treated it can cause major long term problems. Mine are reversed as long as I take my shots. I went through a period from last May to 2 weeks ago where I was taking them under the tongue. I could tell in October that I needed my shots back, but waited and by the time i went back 2 weeks ago every single symptom was back. It progressed really bad in the last 2 weeks before getting my shots.

When I get my shots within a day I notice a definite increase in energy and overall my body feels better.

I have a box here but they went and put the sticker over the ingrediant list. I am trying to peel it off.
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cyancobalamin 1000 mcg(that's the actual B12), benzyl alcohol 1.5%, sodium chloride for isotonicity, sodium acetate and acetic acid as buffers, sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid to adjust pH and water for injection.

I don't know if that helps you or not. The vial comes from Sandoz in Quebec. I'd guess the ingrediant list varies from company to company.
Thanks for all that info. I understand about not worrying about what's in the shot if that is what you need to feel well. I'd like to try supplements and get re-tested, but I also know that B12 deficiency can cause irreversible damage so I don't want to mess around. My level is 172. I don't know how "low" that is considered, but I feel pretty awful. I'll keep reading for a couple days and then decide whether or not to go for the shot (have an appt. for it on Monday).
172 is fairly low, it is definitly a level where supplementation is done. Most places if it is under 300 they want supplementation, but more and more are saying under 500. Between 300 & 800 is normal.
My son takes b 12 shots every 3 days and we get them from Post Haste compounding pharmacy in Hollywood FL. THey send a box of prefilled syringes. I am not sure of the ingredients since ds's docotor is an autism specialist and a vegitarian, yogi, so I didnt think he would prescribe or reccomend a product that had yuck in it. I think i will call the pharmacy or ask him when I next speak to him just for my own peice of mind.
Anyways maybe you could try contacting the pharmacy. PM me if you want the phone number.
I have to have them once every two weeks, and honestly I don't feel like they help me any. I do have other medical issues that are probably sort of taking over right now, but I don't feel any difference whatsoever with them (and I've had them for about 4 months now)

I'm not sure I'd get them if I didn't feel as though I was having any adverse effects from low B12... but I was definitely having symptoms, plus I was VERY low. My symptoms could very well be from my RA too, but they didn't want to chance it. If you aren't feeling too well, it might be worth it to give them a shot. I'd think you would know within a matter of a few months if they were making a difference for you.
I decided to NOT get the shot for now. GP said that the NHS no longer pays for the test to determine if the deficiency is due to absorption issues. The only way to find out is to try oral supplements for a couple months and get re-tested, so that's what I'm going to do. Thanks everyone for your input.
I have to have them once every two weeks, and honestly I don't feel like they help me any. I do have other medical issues that are probably sort of taking over right now, but I don't feel any difference whatsoever with them (and I've had them for about 4 months now)
It took me 7months of shots before I noticed any differences. The change I noticed was in my energy level. Then I would go on a high for 2 weeks and crash for 2 weeks. It wasn't until I was feeling better that I realized how bad I had been.
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