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Anyone have a mother who...

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nursed them in toddlerhood but is so against you nursing your toddler? My mother.. ooo she
ticks me off. I nursed until 3. She was constantly telling me that I couldn't just breastfeed my son I had to give him formula too because that would not be enough. why? He's boy What?! So he's now 2 1/2 I nursed him through my pregnancy and she just constantly says he's gonna make your boobs sag. They're my boobs and they can sag and he'll still like them. So now we are tanden nursing, she yelled at me, saying I can't do that. What?! Whose child is it now? Whose boobs and whose milk? I just don't get it, for someone who breastfed and cloth diapered why is she so against both things
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Not on nursing, but on cio. My mom keeps telling me I didn't sleep through the night until I was 3 because she "never had the heart" to hear me cry. Starting from the time my daughter was 4 months old, she started giving me instructions on how to Ferberize my daughter.

Thankfully, I have support on the bf from my mom. She bf me until I was 11 months when I suddenly stopped nursing. She's kicking herself now because she realized 30 years later that it was probably just a nursing strike.
Have you consider jealousy as a motivator of your Mom's remarks???
Your mother sounds like my grandmother!!
She nursed all six of her children, and is VERY bf-supportive. Until you do something "wrong". She constantly talks about how she never thought my mother would wean...she did, at 17 months. But gma had been trying to wean her from 9mos on, because you're "not supposed to bf past then, it doesn't give them enough food".
And you should have heard the stuff coming from her when she found out I was nursing after my pregnancy test! The baby, the nurser, and I were all going to die an immediate death. Nevermind the fact that she nursed my uncle until she was 6mos pg with my aunt...she didn't know she was pg until then. So I guess you won't die until you find out you're positive!

It's okay...just let it slide off your shoulders. And remember that you'll laugh about it later...I promise.
Why on earth would my mother be jealous?
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