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anyone have a recipe for French Canadian style pea soup?

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i don't know if they sell this in the US, but me and my daughter totally love the Habitant brand of pea soup. it's not so bad nutritionally--peas, lard, some spices, and nothing really evil in it, but i'd like to make my own. but nothing i find on the internet really sounds like it. if anyone has any good pea soup recipes, i'd love to try them!
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My MIL is French Canadian. And I actually ate her pea soup (frozen) last night for dinner.
How wierd is that? (I've NEVER eaten pea soup before)
I'll ask her for the recipe.
It was a bit bland, so you'd need to spice it up a bit.
wow, that is spooky! if you could get her recipe, that would be awesome!
Here's how we make it: (My mom's French Canadian!)
You'll need either ham drippings or a ham bone (look for nitrate free). Sorry I don't have precise measurements! But put the drippings or bone in a pot and cover with water. Then add your peas. (I recommend soaking them for a couple days first. Start with about a cup and half of dry field peas). Add one large onion finely minced, and one or two grated carrots if you like. Salt to taste if necessary. (ham stock is pretty salty so you may not need extra). Then, either let it cook all day in the slow cooker or simmer it for several hours on the stove. Check periodically and add more water if necessary. If it's too thin, remove the lid and boil off some of the water. When cooked, the peas should be split and soft. If there is still ham on the bone, cut it off and put it back in the soup. I hope this works for you. I am so bad for not using recipes!
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