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you know like those ones in the store? i prefer to use honey and butter is fine too. i went and bought this big bag of sesame seeds thinking it would be easy to find a recipe and still haven't found one? any ideas? it will be for a quick snack for my kids<br>

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i'm curious about a recipe too, using honey...<br><br><br>
eta: i found something on recipezaar that looks like it might work:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Sesame seed and honey sticks from Mali (Meni-meniyong) #63715<br>
recipe by Missy Wombat<br>
If you like this, please consider making a donation to Oxfam. Even if you loathe this, make that donation...<br>
1 batch<br>
20 minutes 5 mins prep<br>
100 g sesame seeds<br>
50 g margarine<br>
1 cup honey or sugar<br><br>
1. Heat the sesame seeds in a shallow pan without any oil, until they begin to jump about and turn golden.<br>
2. Shake the pan so that they do not stick or burn.<br>
3. Allow to cool.<br>
4. Using a heavy pan, heat the margarine and then add the honey.<br>
5. Stir continuously until the mixture begins to caramelise.<br>
6. Pour the sesame seeds into the warm mixture and stir thoroughly.<br>
7. Transfer the mixture into a flat tin.<br>
8. As the mixture cools, shape it into sticks either by cutting or rolling, and then coating it with more sesame seeds if required.

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here's another one. i dont know what 'golden syrup' is, but as far as i know, honey can be used as a straight substitute for corn syrup. it would make something sweet anyways! :LOL<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
2 cups sesame seeds, dry roasted<br>
1 1/2 cups golden syrup<br>
1 Tablesp. lemon juice<br><br>
1. Boil and stir sesame seeds, golden syrup and lemon juice 5 minutes.<br>
2. Immediately pour mixture onto well-oiled flat surface.<br>
3. With a well-oiled rolling pin, roll mixture into a 1/4-inch thick slab.<br>
4. Cut into squares while warm.<br>
* Yields 20 squares.
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