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Anyone have a toddler who dislocated a shoulder?

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DD is 18 months and jumped off the couch and dislocated her shoulder. We've been to the ER, nothing is broken, they popped the shoulder back in.

But, I'm looking for BTDT advice. About how long did the pain last? Any ideas for helping her stay comfy? She's having trouble nursing, she can't sleep very well, there's only one position she wants to be in (with DH or me cradling her and holding her arm against her side). Any thoughts for keeping her comfy?
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mine did too. She was riding on my dh and decided to jump off, he caught her, but his arm slipped from her pit to her hand and dislocated her shoulder and elbow. Better than letting her fall five feet I guess, but very uncool none the less. We went to the ER, the doctor came in and popped them right back. after that, she wasn't in any pain at all I don't think. She used it just fine and wasn't crying or complaining about it. They then did X-rays, and saw nothing was broken. But I remember her being fine right after the dr popped it back in.
I have not had this happen but DD did sprain her wrist and thought it was disolcated. I gave her Arnica for pain but also the remedy Rhus Tox helps with oint inflammation too, would do the Arnica though and see how she does, it works great!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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