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anyone have a window uterus?

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after giving birth to our oldest, i had 2 miscarriages. then we had our second son. labored for 20 hrs., pushed for 2 hrs. he wasn't descending and had to have a c-section. had a friend who was my midwife. she new my desire not to have another c-section, but after everything, knew it was time they took him out. while the c/s was being performed the dr. could see right through my uterus, called a window uterus. immediately he said that i could not have anymore children. later my midwife told me the same thing -otherwise me or the baby or both would die in labor. asked if there were any tests to check my uterus and was told no.

friend at church thought she'd heard that there was one. i would love any info. any of you may have concerning this type of testing. or even someone that i could go to to have a second opinion. thank you for any help.
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Glad to see you found your way here! You may want to post this in the "Birth Professionals" forum is you don't get any responses here. Or a moderator may move it there anyways. I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of you on here...I knew who it was as soon as I seen your user name! lol
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A "window" would be technically a dishesence, which would be classified as a type of uterine rupture. You are fortunate that nothing came of it. There are women who have carried pregnancies after rupture - you might also consider cross-posting on the VBAC forum and possibly, the pregnancy after loss forum. I don't know anything about how safe this is. I think they can mitigate some of the risk by scheduling a repeat cesarean before you go into labor, but I have no idea whether that actually helps, or just makes people feel safer.

Oh here's one decent reference anyway, which is hopeful:
I just saw this. With #3 (my 3rd c/s) the doctor said he didn't even have to cut part of my scar, it just came apart on its own once he got my skin open. But never said I'd have a problem with more kids, I think that will just be a weak spot. And as far as I remember, you can heal differently after each c/s. I'm am now preparing for my 5th c/s, #4 went great, without a hitch.
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