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Anyone have a "wormery" instead of a compost bin?

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I saw this idea in a UK paper (I don't have a link) and looked it up online. Here is one of the sites:

It looks really easy, convienient, and simple. Almost to good to be true. Anyone here have one? How much fertilizer do you get? How often do you find that it has built up too much and you are back to tossing away organic waste? Is it as simple as it looks? Do the worms stay alive in cold climates? (TIA)
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Or if not, what do you think? Does it look like it will work?

ETA: the link for the article that led me to "wormery"'s.

and another from that
I tried it...i was not successful...the worm kept dying...not sure why....I did have a friend who had one and he was successful....can't tell you how much fertilizer he got..I've gone back tot he compost pile as the worms seem to find that and when I go to use it in the spring, it's already FULL of big huge fat beautiful I add it all together to the garden....
I have one. I have had it a year or so, and I'm on the second level of three. When I get to the third is when I'll be able to use the compost on the first level. I really like it--DD likes to "feed the worms," and it's easy to just toss food scraps in there. We have to keep it inside, because the worms would die if it were either too hot or too cold. The more food you put in, the more worms there will be; it's rarely been the case that I've had to throw out organic waste because the bin was too full. The instructions to mine also said that it wasn't so good for things like leaves and grass, so apparently it's best for kitchen scraps.
Maybe that's why I was unsuccessful...I had mine in the garage...where did you get the instructions? sus
I have one I made from a rubbermaid container and worms from the bait store. It is working really well. I tossed in a little yard scraps and now my food.
Maybe that's why I was unsuccessful...I had mine in the garage...where did you get the instructions?
I bought the "Can O' Worms" composter, and instructions came with it.
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