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Anyone have an early roller/flipper?

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Today my DS flipped himself over from his tummy to his back. He's only 5w 5d old. He was on my bed napping on his tummy when I heard him start to wake up. I checked on him and he seemed to settle down a bit so I went to the kitchen for a moment. Then I heard some fussing and when I returned to the bedroom he was on his back. I think he shocked himself. I was shocked. Is this common so early? This is a kid who figured out how to get from his back to his left side when he was 2 days old, but lately he seemed to have forgotten how (probably cause he doesn't sleep on his back as often anymore).
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My little one rolled over at about 4 weeks from back to tummy, but she only did it once. I think she surprised herself, too. I don't necessarily think it was very purposeful, and she only did it once. She rolled up onto her sides a lot though, which she learned from nursing side-lying. When she hit 3 months and wanted to roll over for a reason (to get a toy, or see something better) she did it all the time. I think once her awareness extended to things that weren't necessarily in her direct line of vision, she started using her muscles. So, long story short, I think babies are physically capable of more than they do a lot of times, but have to have the motivation to do them. So don't leave him anywhere he can roll off of
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not uncommon and perfectly fine.
Evie rolled over once at around 3 weeks, but I think it was a random momentum thing. She's been rolling over solidly since 7 weeks.
I had an early roller like you and now I have an early crawler and he walks with assistance of the furniture at 7 months.
My DS did this at the same age, and then not again for another three weeks. He does it fairly well now and he's 4 mo.
Mine rolled belly to back at 2 days old, then not again until just before 4 months. She is now 9 months and STILL can't figure out how to roll back to belly!
Mine first rolled from belly to back between 4 and 5 weeks of age. He's 6.5 weeks old now and has rolled over several times since (and gotten stuck halfway while trying to roll over other times-- which can be pretty funny). He was rolling from back to side within a day or two after birth (in a co-sleeping context).
Mine DS finds rolling as a perfect escape for "tummy time." He does not like to be put down, but I want him to practice using all those muscles, so I purposely put him down on his belly at least once a day. He's 8wks old and he'll only stay on his belly for a few seconds before he flips himself onto his back. I put him back on his belly and again he flips. He'll do it until he gets tired and accidentally discovers his fist and then he'll suck for a bit before he ends tummy time with crying. He flipped from his back to tummy in the first week but hasn't done it again since.
my DD rolled over at like 2 weeks, and then not again for a while. But boy I was surprised to see that- I didn't think they could do stuff so young! Then she did "stealth" rolls from time to time (I didn't see her do it- kinda like what you describe, I'll find her in a different position). But the other day, one day after her 4m birthday, just started rolling pretty much every time I put her down.

DS, I don't remember when he started but he also used rolling for locomotion around the apt. It was hilarious. He would roll from room to room. He could pull to standing and cruise on furniture before he crawled, I think b/c rolling just worked so well for him.

Kids are so different!

And like Kate said, don't leave him on anything he can roll off of just in case!
my dd was rolling over and flipping super early... maybe 6 weeks...
She kept arching her back, which worried me, but it turned out to be her way to get on her tummy. She's now almost 5 mos and pretty much crawling. Things happened a bit fast and I almost wish she'd stay on her back! She's all over the place and I am having to baby-proof the house already. Good luck with that!
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