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Anyone have cramps like this...? Cross-post

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Hi Mama's. I'm cross-posting this from the May DDC to see what other responses I get...

Well, as of yesterday around 2:30 PM (and ever since), I've been having very uncomfortable menstrual like cramps way down low and some in the back. Today, it's uncomfortable to stand up straight. And forget about trying to bend over! What gives? Anybody else experiencing/have experience with this? Does it go away? I forgot how uncomfortable the last few weeks can be.... But alas, we are on the homestretch! YIPPEE!!
I just have this *feeling* that he's coming early, I just can't imagine it being THIS early. But between this, the heartburn and the leaking down below , I just wanna throw in the white towel. Anybody think I need to do anything about this or just see how it goes for a while? They're not like cyclical cramps like BH's, it's just a steady dull achy feeling. I hate to jump the gun, but I'm scheduled for a repeat c/s on 5/10 so my docs won't let me labor for long (although I plan on taking my sweet time to get to the hospital just so this little guy gets some of the good benefits from being sqeezed a bit! LOL)

What do you other mamas think! I'm 35+2 today....

Thanks everyone~~
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What do you mean by leaking? Increased discharge, or do you think your water is leaking? It does sound like you could be having some cervical change, so you might want to get it checked out. Lay down and drink some water and put a call in to your provider to see what she/he says.
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