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anyone have experience with partial water break then nothing?

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I am 39 weeks. plannning homebirth, last night I was in my nightly squat pose and felt a very faint pop sensation and out about 1/2 cup of clear fluid. was liquidy for a wahile then nothing. I have had no regular or systematic contractions and nothing tremendously more than uncomfortable. I was really nauseus today from about 10 am till noon then that also went away.
starting to feel concerned - I am not taking any baths , nothing going anywhere near the area... but still getting alittle concerned. does anyone have advioce or experience with this?
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I've only had my water break in labour, but each and every time it was two separate breaks. One with a smallish amount of fluid (maybe 1/2 cup) and no further leaking, then a big break with fluid gushing everywhere and it would continue to leak. I think my midwife explained there are two layers to the sac, and it's possible to break the outer one with the inner one still intact.
With my first, my water broke, fully (large gush), and I didn't start contractions until about 7 hours later. I was leaking fluid the entire time after the large gush (has to keep a towel between my legs basically all day.
It took another 2/3 hours after that before my contractions started to become regular. 31 hours after my water broke, I had my baby via C-section (certainly NOT saying this is your situation, or even in any way related to water breaking. My baby was posterior, forehead presentation, and midwife couldn't turn/reposition her). Just wanted to give my experience.
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KS Mama we are practically labor twins (fingers crossed this time goes much better!).

I had a small break that only leaked when I was in certain positions...contractions began about 12 hours later when the rest of my bag of waters gave way. But dd wasn't well positioned and I too had a c/s ~32 hours later.

I'd say go ahead and have a warm bath or shower to relax (although you don't want intrusive things like a VE after your water breaks, bathing isn't really a problem since the water doesn't go "up" the birth passage on it's own), and make sure to relax/sleep/enjoy the next day or so since it's likely you'll be in active labor very soon! Happy birthing!
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
KS Mama we are practically labor twins (fingers crossed this time goes much better!).
I KNOW! I've read your birth stories before & thought the same thing! VBAC this time - we can do it!!!
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I really just need to hear opinions right now - trying not to get stressed but its hard.
After my water broke (as I was getting back into bed after having been in the bathroom. Couldn't it have happened in the easy to clean up place?), I had nothing more than mild contractions for over a day. I likened them to menstrual cramps, but not ones that were bad enough to make you take advil let alone stay in bed. For me it was a full gush and ongoing wetnesses. With my MW we set our deadline for when we would go to the hospital if nothing conintued -- Friday midday after water broke midle of the night Wed. Friday morning, I had accupuncture and took castor oil to kick start the labor and had DS at 10pm friday. Don't feel presured or stressed, talk to someone about what your next steps are and good luck.
It sounds like it could well be that outer membrane thing with so small an amount. I also had a little break like you describe, walked around for a couple days leaking small amounts everytime I moved. But it was a high leak, the forewaters were still intact. You might feel if yours are still intact, and if they are you don't have to worry about that 24hr/inection thing. There's not that easy entry point for bacteria with a high leak like there is when you get that full break.
Oh, yes, that sounds perfectly fine to me. I'd be very comfortable waiting until the baby was ready barring any fevers.

I'm a broken water kinda birther myself:
#1. Prodromal Labor for weeks & then water broke. Labor began immediately & he was born 17 hours later.
#2 Prodromal Labor for weeks & weeks. Then my water broke. 2 days later my labor began in earnest.
#3 At 31/32 weeks my water gushed. Not a good thing. But, with MW care I stayed home & didn't end up actually going into labor until close to 42 weeks. My baby was healthy & plump!
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so update is that mw thinks it was the outer layer. nothing leaking since and less contractions than before all this hapenned! I don't think it is hapenning anytime soon. thanks for all your stories and thoughts it helped me feel more comfortable - the outside world made me super freaky about infection risk. I am taking my pulse regularly just to watch for a rise and I think just to be safe I will be showering instead of bath.
I had something similar happen - went 3.5 days with a broken water until ended up at the hospital for pit.

I am shocked that your midwife doesn't have you on some sort of a protocol - maybe she does but you didn't mention it? I was taking my temp every 4 hours while awake, taking a certain amount of vitamin C every 4 hours, and doing a vaginal wash with this antibiotic wash (can't remember the name but is pink, at regular drug stores, and similar to what is used in Europe). I didn't have the results back from my gsb (or whatever that is) test yet, so the wash may have been because of that. Plus did the wash after ever bathroom use.

also, my mw told me to clean one toilet in the house really well and to use only that toilet and not let anyone else use it, and to not use public restrooms (I didn't go anywhere until we ended up at the hospital anyways).

She also did not do manual checks (that can push bacteria up there, even with sterile gloves) and said NO SEX.

I don't know what the chances of infection are, but I know the results can be SERIOUS. You need to do what you can to avoid it, and you need to monitor for it so you can get treatment at the first signs of it.

Best wishes for a wonderful birth!

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that it was the outer chorion sac and the amnion sac is still intact.
I am not taking baths or having sex, or vaginal checks, checking pulse just as a precaution.
your doing all you need to do!

sometimes small breaks in either layer of the sac can reseal themselves. Keep us posted...
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