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Hi Everyone,<br><br>
My 5 1/2 month old is no longer nursing and we've been using formula. I know it's awful, but I just wasn't able to nurse him for 3 years like I did with my first ds. I simply wasn't producing enough milk and I was underweight, and anemic. He was a big boy to start with, and his demand far exceeded my supply, so after 5 months of nursing/supplementing, he is now exclusively on formula and some first baby foods.<br><br>
I've been researching homemade formula recipes and NT suggestions. Does anyone else have experience with raw cow's milk for infants? It's a main ingredient in homemade formula, and I also read that if he's sitting up and eating well, he can go off formula after 8 months and drink raw cow's milk instead.<br><br>
I really hate using commercial formula. I know how awful it is. Please help!<br>
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