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Hey...I just received my Loveybums in the mail yesterday...I got two LIO' is the wool crepe and one is the wool interlock....I got one with a sherpa dipe and one with an organic cotton dipe (they snap in)....I haven't used them yet because the covers are drying from when I lanolized them and the dipes are being question is this....has anyone tried these LIO's before? Does anyone have any of just the regular fitted dipes and wool understanding is that they are the same thing pretty much and these covers can be used with my other fitteds too...but the snap in dipes can only be used with these covers as they have no way of closing on their own (no snaps on the outside to close them)....does anyone know if the regular fitteds they have for sale on their site are pretty much the same as the snap in dipes that came with the LIO's? I'm thinking of ordering some more and wasn't sure if I should just order a couple more LIO's and some additional snap in dipes or if I should get a couple of covers and some fitteds in case I want to use them with other covers I have....they are all really nice and soft! I'm pleased. Anyone have a preference between the sherpa and the organic cotton? Just wondering before I order Thanks
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