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There is no letting my current toddler cry. No one ever has let her cry if there was absolutely any way to prevent it. Anytime she's ever cried, she DOES NOT STOP until we hold her. She will throw up. She does this in the car, and did it in her crib. (she's only thrown up in the car, not the crib) I have tried from the beginning to get her to sleep some without me(like possibly naps? so I can get things done), and we've had no choice but to force her to sit in the car, screaming until she threw up. sigh. With some kids, you can not win. This is my third was hard, but not even this bad when it comes to the car and sleeping alone. I have been severely sleep deprived bc she woke ever 45 minutes almost the whole first year. There was nothing I could do, without having her scream and throw up.

And I will tell you...she is almost 18 months old, and if I take the kids to school in the morning, she will scream and throw up several times the whole way home. Dh changed his work hours just because of this issue so that she could stay home with one of us during drop-offs. Car sickness, you say? Well she is fine when we pick them up after school. I have heard it all.
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