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We did CIO with our older DD....honestly before I knew any better and because it was what literally everyone in my life told me to do. It did work, for a time, but then like a PP said she would have rough nights, maybe a rough stretch of 3 weeks or so when she wouldn't sleep through. I found that every time she had a change (potty training, transitioning to her toddler bed, learning to open doors, stopping bf-ing etc) she would wake up more in the night, and now that she can get up and come in our room, she does!

Now she is 3, and doesn't always sleep through. Actually she will often come in our bed without us even waking up and snuggle in
. So, for us it worked but temporarily. And we felt terrible and horribly guilty doing it.

Now my DS is 10 months, and we decided not to let him CIO - just can't do it again. I do put him in his crib and he might make a few fussy noises, but doesn't actually cry. If he starts crying I usually go in within 5 minutes or so (like the PP said I can't always get right in there, especially while caring for my DD. Also sometimes I wait to see if he will just cry for a second and then stop). I don't think this is "crying it out". I don't think it's reasonable to expect to be in there the second a baby starts to cry, especially if you have other children. If my DD is on the flush I can't just leave her, especially if I know the baby is physically safe for 5 minutes or so. Sometimes I am in the shower and my DS wakes up and is crying. I don't take an extra long time in the shower, but I do finish up before getting out. I don't know at what point it becomes CIO, but I think 5-10 minutes here and there is ok.

I also consider the cry, if it is a panicked cry, like he is hurt or freaking out (I'm sure you all know the one I mean
) then I go in right away. A fussy/annoyed cry is different, and I will get in as soon as I can.
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