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While we didn't do CIO to sleep, DD hated the car until she was about 11 months old and would cry full tilt after maybe a minute or two on nearly all car trips. If someone was back next to her entertaining her and touching her, she would do better, but yeah essentially CIO in the carseat (though I tried to comfort her best I could, with a hand/finger, with words, with singing, etc.) because I had to go places never "worked". She eventually I believe came to understand that she had to be strapped into the seat and to be ok with not being held 24/7, but CIO had nothing to do with it. I think if you have a child that sort of fusses themselves down (and I stress fussing, not crying), then letting them fuss a bit can work because they are calming themselves down, but if you have a kid that escalates crying like mine did, CIO is just not going to work. Well, maybe after 30 minutes or more they might wear themselves out so bad they can't cry anymore? Which is awful, leaving an infant terrified and upset for 30 minutes, yeah that's not going to work for you right!?

I too would just say CIO does not work for you child/family and leave it at that. And hopefully DH can find another Dad or two who didn't use CIO to commiserate with!
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