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My dd's never, truly slept through the night for years - I'd still always answer questions (usually by kid-less people) about sleeping through the night as 'yeah, she pretty much sleeps through the night' as my expectation was that most babies do wake up briefly too even if people don't admit it and it's mostly my own business. And I'd always just answer questions about it as 'yeah, this works best for our dd' without going into a lot of details. I was just going to do what seemed best and right for her and us, no arguments - and of course I usually did know us all best, being the main caretaker and doing whatever all the time.

I will say that both my dd's have huge differences in their sleep.

Dd1 was always an irregular sleeper and loves to be up late, she got lonely being left alone and liked cuddles and company - but she'd sleep anywhere and long stretches if she had all that. Dd2 is actually a regular sleeper and prefers to go to bed early, but gets worried about knowing where anyone else is (esp. mama) if she is woken up - but doesn't need someone right there the whole time. I'd suspect Dd2 probably could 'sleep train' or do CIO successfully, but dd1 would have always fought it because it never would have met her natural tendencies or preferences.

I think personality plays a huge deal in why or how well anything works out for helping your baby with all those things they need - and OP, if she's really so easy going that's probably partly due to having her needs met an nighttime and being able to trust in that (that you will help her when she's feeling tired/cranky and during the scary dark time of the day she doesn't get to do fun things). Assuming it's all within the bounds of your and your dh's needs as well. . . that's a whole other story.
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