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<p>I have 3 children. My last child was born only 6 months ago, so we are not trying to get pregnant again. I do not want another pregnancy right now. I've practically been pregnant for 30 months in a row (my kids are all close in age)! I was on Implanon for the first 3 months after the birth, but due to ill mood affects I removed the Implanon and used Condoms. </p>
<p>There really isn't any way I could have fallen pregnant... BUT I have bizzare symtoms.<br>
<p>RIght after the Implanon was removed my cycle returned. </p>
<p>I had a period, very heavy and sore.</p>
<p>The next month I had another normal period, though it was a bit light for what used to be normal for me.</p>
<p>The bizzare part is that I've been getting flutters in my uterus, sometimes it feels hard or enlarged then sometimes it is soft and small.</p>
<p>I've been freaking out I am pregnant again although the chances are like less than 1%.</p>
<p>Im so used to falling pregnant when my baby is 4 months old. My baby is now 6 months and does my body think it's pregnant or am I really pregnant?<br>
With that said, of course, I took about 5 HPT's. All negative. I started taking HPT's a from 8 weeks ago and I took one this morning! So that says I'm not.<br>
I just can't shake those kicks in my belly. And for me to feel kicks, that would mean I would have to be AT LEAST 18 weeks along. Which that means that I would have had to have fallen pregnant right after the Implanon was inserted. I highly doubt that. </p>
<p>I have also been getting uterus cramping in the middle of my cycle.<br>
<p>Hunger. (I never need much breakfast- now I am NEEDING two eggs and a grilled tomato or I do not feel good)</p>
<p>I've got all the symptoms except the evidence.</p>
<p>Phantom kicks? Brain thinks I'm pregnant? WHat the hell? </p>
<p>I'm obviously NOT pregnant right?<br>
Also, my baby Belly has NOT gone down. I STILL look 5 months pregnant.... aaaaaah. (so that freaks me out too)</p>
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