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Anyone have thoughts on flouride?

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For those of you who are not on city water supply (which is flourinated) - are you using flouride toothpaste or adding somehow flouride into your diet?

I've read about the links between flouride and cancers that I haven't used flouride toothpaste in years. We are on a well and don't have flourinated city water - DH thinks I should add flouride so baby will have stronger teeth but I'm not so sure...

Does anyone know about this issue?

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This should change your Dh's mind :
Flouride is a biproduct of fertilizer and if that doesnt help change his thinking its in the air anyway.

I think the baby will be fine without it.

I'm a happy medium kind of girl. Starting at 2 I began using flouride toothpaste on my daughter. I use it too. I do not, however, like the idea of flourinde drops or supplements. I don't really think it is a good idea to take it internally.

Our water here is flouidated, and I will not even cook with it. Of course that has more to do with the arsenic, chlorine and freaky bad taste than the flouride.
I think that fluoride is poison. We have fluoridated water but I buy bottled to keep away from it and various other reasons. Our baby will definitely get the bottled water as well when he/she gets old enough to start drinking something other than breastmilk
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The holistic dentist I went to yesterday recommends against flouride. I'm changing my toothpaste soon.
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