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Anyone have tips for letting the boss know

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I've hid it long enough and my evaluation is suppose to be later this week or next. At that point, I want to tell her but she isn't the "approachable" type. In fact, she is stern and will automatically think ahead to who will replace me while I'm off on leave.
I'm not very good at telling people that aren't close to me either.. I don't know what my problem is. With such happy news, I'm more than willing to tell family and friends. With work, I can't see many people being truly happy for me.. I guess I don't want to put a damper on such a great thing because I'm still super emotional and I know the fake smile and congrats when I see it :-/
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Oh no! I know how that feels, and it is no fun. When I was finishing up my doctoral program, I had to tell my profs that I was pregnant with DC #1 (who had prepared me and groomed me to become a research one professor - and I was graduating from a prestigious school that didn't like their doc students to become stagnate). Anyway, I had one WOMEN on my committee, in front of everyone, hold up her arms as say.... "Well, there goes another great career?!" I had another call me a "breeder" in a "joking" way. It was awful....

My advice would be...

Do not apologize!!
Be assertive, happy, and professional.
It is okay to indicate that this will put everyone in a tough spot for awhile, but be assertive in your expectations and outlook that your time off is solely that... some time off.

The most important is to act like it is a good thing and not the end of the world. Acknowledge the work-around it may entail, but you did not embezzle money or ask for a leave to go on a sabbatical... you are having a child.

Good luck!!
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