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anyone having a great sale on fitteds or aio's?

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I am not looking to spend 13-20 per diaper,( that is not a great deal or a sale in my opinion LOL) but need some for my dd. Since i cant get the TP, maybe someone knows of a great place I havent come across yet???

thank mamas
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What size are you looking for?
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I'm actually looking for the same thing. My 'little guy' is 15 months and about 22-23lbs.

I need mediumms to large. my dd is 16 months old and weghs just over 20 lbs. but she has a long rise

Spam welcome!!!!
See less See more -- cotton quick-dry fitteds -- medium with snaps would be $9, large $10. I've heard that if you buy a dozen or more, you get a 10% discount. PLUS, she has a code you can use to get free shipping. Look in the Daily Diaper forum for that.
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