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Anyone heard from Mimid?

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I'm not part of your DDC, but I have read/posted with Mimid. She hasn't posted since the 11th and am wondering if anyone has heard from her. I hope she, her dh, and three little ones are all doing well.
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No, but I think her last post was very positive. Passover started a few days ago, so she may be occupied with religious observances. I hope all is ok.
LOL I also am always checking on her LOL

but Passover started Wednesday night and you are not supposed to use the computer for the first two days plus yesterday was Shabbat till last night at Sundown....
Exactly... Passover + Shabbat = not much online time

Hopefully she'll respond to this thread and we can have a Miriam love-fest!
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Mimid pm me and told me she is doing really well. She is indeed busy with Passover and family. I'm SO glad she's feeling good and healthy.
I'm here! I ended up catching a cold from someone (we still can't figure out who the meanie was!) on the 2nd night of Passover. Luckily I had a friend from Israel staying with us and she played nurse/mommy yesterday and dh had his turn today. I'm not even allowed in the kitchen per dh so that I won't somehow keep reinfecting myself.
: Tomorrow is our next appointment with the peri and then we see the ob on Tuesday. The only bummer is that the food we had 1 day for dinner was pretty salty and I can't seem to get my feet un-swollen for the life of me! The are getting a little better and I'm drinking a bunch of fluids and going back and forth to the batroom, but they are still nice and puffy.
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(See, now it's a love-fest

Hope your cold goes away quickly!!!!
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feel better!!
Thanks all! I'm down to a stuffy nose and just a cough when something irritates my throat. I really propped my feet up last night and it helped a lot. All the extra water is helping, too. Tonight I'm going to soak in the tub a bit, too.

We saw the Peri today and he said everything looks great, my cervix is "exceptional" for 33 weeks and the girls are 4.9, 4.4 and 4.8 which is huge for triplets. I'm supposed to see him again in 3 weeks unless I have the babies first. Tomorrow is my OB appointment so we'll see what he says as far as birth day. I'm still wanting to go past May 2, but dh is really hooked on that as the date.
Mimid has been MIA for 4 days, anyone know if she had the babies?
wednesday and thursday were holidays and today is shabbat

I mean she still might have but she won't be posting till sundown tonight either way
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