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I had the awesome opportunity to speak with a very knowledgeable nutritionist today. She's so different from the nutritionist we work with through our GI that everything she said was new to me. She referred to herself as a "raw foodist". Her family eats only nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. Her belief is that by changing your diet you can have a major impact not only on your overall well being but in correcting and lessening the severity of medical conditions. Obviously she's not the only one of this opinion but I'm so used to hearing our nutritionist talk about commercial toddler formulas and it was quite refreshing to speak with someone like minded as myself.

She had some ideas on things to do in order to help dd2. Her first suggestion was to have some stool testing done for allergies since despite our RAST test coming back negative, her colon biopsy showed allergies. If we are indeed dealing with allergies as we suspect she suggested switching from our current diet of breast milk via the milk bank to a homemade formula. She also had some wonderful suggestions of essential fats to add.

Along those lines she suggested that CorValen might be beneficial for my daughter. It's basically a ribose suppliment which she said is extremely beneficial to people dealing with mitochondrial disorders which is the first thing she suspected after I mentioned my daughter's situation.

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